Yantik River floods (again)

Norwich, Connecticut (where my brother lives) is flooded again. Brother John’s house is, I believe, high and dry, but houses on the flood plain are endangered. Considering that the Yantik always floods, news that we are once again rushing in aid to homeowners on the floodplain to help them re-set their bowling pin houses doesn’t thrill me. But so it goes – I read earlier this year about a federal effort that moved all houses off the Red River flood plain (I think it was the Red River). The towns along the river, gifted with now-empty land, promptly resold it and when the newly-built houses that sprung up were flooded this year, we taxpayers were once again on the hook.

The Yantik, by the way, further north from Norwich, is a nice little trout stream at normal levels – opening day is tomorrow, I think, but you might want to wait for the waters to drop a bit before wetting a fly.

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