Your money on drugs

This is an actual video of a United States Congressman questioning an Admiral of the U.S. Navy. Now I realize that Admirals have little else to do with their time, but assuring a congressman that Guam will not “capsize if there are too many people on it” is probably pretty low down on the scale of usefulness. Keep in mind that you have turned over close to fifty per cent of your income to men like this for them to spend wisely on your behalf. And you know what’s even scarier? The morons who become congressman are the cream of the crop of state politicians. Imagine, if you dare, who is in Hartford at this moment, planning your future.


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13 responses to “Your money on drugs

  1. Cos Cobber

    And to think that you think you dont have a future in Congress?!

  2. Unbelievable! Next he will be asking whether Greenwich is in danger of being blown away by the violent wind- and rain-storms for which we are becoming so well known….

  3. Anonymous

    Holy S!!! If more people really knew what goes on in Congressional hearings like this, we might improve the congressional candidate pool.

    This ranks up there with Maxine Waters defense of Harold Raines’ management of Fannie and Freddie

  4. Hiram

    What’s sadder is that the congressman, obviously proud of the time he devoted to study, ponderously recites the dimensions of the island under the guise of verifying them with the admiral. It’s also worth noting that Guam is about ten times the size of the still floating and very populated Manhattan.

  5. Anonymous

    this is the result of the provision in the voting rights act of 1965 [or thereabout] that not only allowed but mandated that the states draw their election district boundaries to ensure that minorities would be well-represented and not overwhelmed by the white majority. does this look to you like anyone is being ‘well represented’? what has happened is that these minority districts are not competitive. only the candidate endorsed by the local democratic caucus or committee has any chance of being elected. and this is what we get.

  6. Thank you for posting this. Your point is very well taken. Its unreal…but he said it…wow.

  7. Anonymous

    affirmative action + gerrymandering

  8. Cos Cobber

    I wouldnt let Hank run a lemonade stand.

  9. Cos Cobber

    On an unrelated topic. Could you noodle around today to see if there is any truth to the internet buzz that the amish and muslims are specifically exempted from the mandatory requirement to purchase health care insurance. Apparently the language is in Senate Bill, H.R. 3590, pages 273-274. Whats not clear to me is just where this bill is in the legislative process.

    If this is true, are they exempted on autos too?

    There should be no regilous or other exemptions. That is absurd.

  10. Riverside Dog Walker

    A few years ago when Bob Kraft was using moving the Patriots to Hartford as a ploy to get a new stadium in Foxboro built by Massachusetts taxpayers, I saw extended TV coverage of the debate in our state legislature on the sweetheart deal that was being offered Kraft.

    Our state representatives were very scary, mindless people. I am so happy that Massachusetts caved so that Connecticut taxpayers did not have to guarantee the ticket sales in the stadium to be built in Hartford (also with our tax dollars), as these morons were ready to do.

  11. FlyAngler

    Worth noting is that this esteemed Member replaced the equally esteemed Cynthia McKinney for that district’s seat. She of the “Bush knew about 9/11 in advance” and Capitol police groping fame (or infamy as the case might be).

  12. FlyAngler

    A bit more – I sent the clip to a email pal who is an attorney for a prestigious firm in Atlanta. His response verbatim:

    “Some tangential context – Hank Johnson is pretty well respected around Atlanta for being effective and smart. But then again I am from Georgia so it’s all relative perhaps. I have met him and seen him answer some tough questions, and cannot believe he’s not having some folks on.

    The other part is Admiral Bob “Rat” Willard, the person answering the questions – did you see the smile cross his face? He was in my class (1973) at USNA and everyone could tell he was going places; top athlete, student, smart as hell, all around superior human. He was in “Top Gun” and flew one of the planes used in the filming of the movie. As plebes when we got caught smiling or laughing, an upperclass could command us to “wipe it off” in which case any scintilla of mirth best disappear instantly or you’d be pushing them out for the next twenty minutes or so. Looks like Adm. Willard still knows how to “wipe it off”. ”

    The wonders of email….

  13. Kidding Really??

    You learn something new every time I visit FWIW. I’ve been worried about bubbles in the stock market and a real estate market that just won’t bottom and now I think we have a much bigger problem with Guam capsizing. Can Belle Haven capsize? How about Old Greenwich – Memorial Day? Lot’s of people… just saying.