Some impressive contracts, at last

8 Copper Beech8 Copper beech, almost new (2006) construction, was listed at $9.550 million back in 2007, dropped its price in slow increments until it reached $7.6 million and is reported under contract today. Obviously not what the seller had hoped to get, but still a good sale. 36 Mooreland, beautiful land with a nice of odd-ball layout of a house (but quite nice, nonetheless) asked $6.695 in May, 2009, never dropped its price and is also under contract. 142 Park Ave

142 Park Avenue (Greenwich) sold for $3.9 million in 2007, priced at $3.750 this year, and has a buyer. If the seller gets close to her asked-for price, I’d say she dodged a bullet.

Same thing for 14 Dialstone in Riverside, bought for $2 million in 2007 and priced this year at $1.995.
All of these are contracts – I’ll report back on final prices when they close.
And among the price cuts posted today, I see that 41 Will Merry, bought for $1.425 in 2007, is reduced, again, to 41.250. This is not the market for marginal streets, I guess.


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11 responses to “Some impressive contracts, at last

  1. Anon

    Chris – for a guy who lives with his mom, you can be very critical (I think unfairly) of certain neighborhoods. Why is Riverside never wrong? IMHO, some parts are a cesspool – just sayin.

    • Merritt Parkway properties like that on Will Merry are “marginal” in the sense that far fewer people want to live there so there is always less demand. In boom times, that’s not such a problem. In tougher times, it is.

  2. InfoDiva

    I guess I’ve never understood why the vast stretches of Riverside and Old Greenwich that are impacted by I-95 and Metro North trains are rarely labeled “marginal.” The Merritt Parkway is a bike path by comparison.

    And Ole’s Creek–well, it’s class A waterfront, isn’t it?

    Just sayin’…..

  3. gideon fountain

    Just sayin’, “Anon”, but I have very little respect for commenters like you, who hide behind little names like “Anon”… (Happy Mothers Day!)

  4. Martha

    I kinda like that house on Will Merry, but I do not want to live that close to the Merritt…

    And, wait a minute…you live with your Mom??:-) Happy Easter!

  5. anonymous

    any word on what the final sale price on cedarwood was?

  6. Greenwich Gal

    So, do you cook for your Mom and do her laundry? If so, I hope I get this kind of pay back someday…

    • My mom is 85, on the Dean’s list at Norwalk Community College and getting straight A’s – I can’t speak for you, GG, but I sure hope I’m doing that three decades from now. But she was never a passionate cook, whereas I am, so when she got out of prison for her last bank robbery and a full-time minder was called for, what else could I do but volunteer? We both eat well now, the banks in the area are no longer plagued by a (then) 75-year-old, Uzi-toting great -grandmother, and harmony has been restored to the neighborhood.
      And yes – you take care of your kids, even when they don’t deserve it, and if you are lucky, they will return that favor with love and gratitude later on (although they might poke fun at you and invent a criminal record for you, just for laughs).

  7. Old School Grump

    I’ve been reading this blog for 18 months and I STILL can’t figure out how many siblings CF has! Clearly, though, the number is high enough that Mrs Fountain had no time to be a passionate cook and in fact would have been quite entitled to just put out a sack of Purina Boy Chow at sundown and sneak off to visit some empty nester neighbor for a cocktail or two.