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China works on getting Iran the bomb

Given their problems with Muslim separatists, China may come to (fatally) regret this, but a yuan’s a yuan, I suppose.


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Good Lord, even New York Times readers know when they’re being screwed

This is going to hurt!

Times readers pissed that they as taxpayers are bailing out profligate home buyers. The Times wheels out the heavy hitters on both sides of the political spectrum to explain why this is good for all of us, but I smell blood in the water come November. Americans are slow to learn and slower to anger, but eventually they catch on when the elite are putting one over on us.


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Same difference! Vatican: our priests screwed choir boys, Jews slaughtered Christian babies – we’re both victims of persecution!

Hell of a Good Friday sermon, fella.

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Lamb Recipe from Greece

Let me marinate those loins for you, son!

From the no good deed goes unpunished department, I post this delicious lamb marinade recipe from Fly Angler, with a gratuitous insult thrown in (but only because he and I have become friends, I hope).

Chris: As one whose ancestors all hail from Greece, I know a bit about lamb (no jokes please). Thus, I have to take a small issue with your marinade. I too am doing lamb Sunday using my tried and true: Fresh lemon juice Olive oil Crushed garlic Oregano Thyme

Everything has to be fresh so no shortcuts with Lotta lemon. I prefer a flavorful olive oil rather than “light” extra virgin. For the oregano and thyme, I recommend chopping fresh. However, if all you have is dry, mix the herbs with the lemon juice and let sit for 30 minutes before mixing in the rest. This allows the dried herbs to revive before they mix with the oil.

Quantities depend on the quantity of meat. I put the meat and marinade in a heavy duty 1 or 2 gallon zip lock bag, seal it three quarters of the way, push out as much air as possible and then seal. Put in the fridge and massage and flip the bag every couple of hours. Using a bag rather than a hard bowl of Pyrex disk allows you to use less marinade and ensures fuller contact.

Christos anesti to all Christian FWIW readers.


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Thinking about government

All Clad Slow Cooker

A couple of years ago I bought this All Clad Slow Cooker from Williams Sonoma for something like $149. It failed after maybe 15 months and although it was supposed to have a lifetime warranty, I just tossed it. Why go back to the Stamford Mall, a dreadful place, and get another crappy product? I just wrote off All Clad and Williams Sonoma and went on with life.

Similarly, I paid $28 for some reading glasses at CVS last Saturday and the frames broke by Tuesday. I don’t have the temperament to argue for a refund, so off they went into the garbage can, along with further patronage at CVS.

I just I wish I could get rid of our government so easily. When they screw up, I try to ignore them, but they keep coming up, in my face, in every imaginable way, insisting, under power of law, that I continue to do business with them

I do wish they’d go away, and leave me alone.


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Too bad

I see from today’s newspaper that 11 Leslie Lane, over in Glenville near the Merritt parkway and King Street, moved on to Chase for a buck – strict foreclosure. This was a terrific house – my listing, several years ago- but way overpriced. I was still wet behind the years when I took the listing and, although I counseled the owner that his asking price wouldn’t move it, I took the listing anyway when he said that he needed that much to get out of his difficulties. Eight years on, I don’t do that anymore.

My guess is that you can buy this house from Chase for an excellent price and if so, and if you want to live on the western side of town, you should call your agent (or me, naturally). A beautiful post and beam house manufactured in Maine, assembled here, with great views and and a wonderful open plan. It was featured in one of those design magazines when it was first built and although it had suffered a bit from a bit of owner neglect, could be brought back to a beautiful house again, at minimal expense. In fact, writing this, I believe I’ll recommend it to one of my clients!


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Chinese drywall must be removed

I sell you gypsum, cheap!

Chinese drywall, a southern phenomenon, thanks to distribution channels, is so toxic that the government is now recommending that houses built with it be entirely gutted: sheet rock, wires, plumbing. In other words, houses that have it are worthless, and tens of thousands of houses do have it.

My (limited) knowledge of the Chinese system suggests that the government is involved in every business, so it, rather than U.S. taxpayers, ought to foot the bill for this disaster. Somehow, I think we’ll be getting the bill.

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Lamb dinner


Some theologian will have to explain to me why the symbol of Christ should have become traditional Easter fare but regardless, I’ve butterflied my leg of lamb (your butcher will do this free so I don’t know why I did it – the leg bone is easy, the shoulder, not so much) and am now going to marinate it, probably about as follows:

4 anchovy fillets

2 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped

2 tbs herbes de Provence or whatever else you have around – I think I have fresh basil.

4 tbs olive oil

Toss first three ingredients into a food processor, chop up, then add olive oil in slow stream until you have a nice paste.

Take your leg of lamb (skin side down, add salt and pepper, then rub your paste all over the flesh. Roll it up tightly.

[UPDATE: Oops! now marinate that sucker for a while – overnight is good, a few hours can’t hurt; I’m doing mine tonight, so that’s going to be maybe 36 hours.]

Now you have a choice: I think I’m doing mine in my new Bradley Smoker, so I’ll tie it up and toss it in there for a few hours.

A great method, if you have good ventilation in your kitchen (I don’t) is as follows (taken from the NYT March 31, 2004):

Start oven to 425.

Drape  a dozen (or so) strips of bacon over the rolled-up roast and then tie it all up snugly.

Heat an oven-proof pan (I use cast iron) for 5 minutes over high heat. When it’s good and hot, put lamb in bacon side down and proceed to brown all sides, around 12-15 minutes. Toss into that pre-heated oven, roast 40-45 minutes until internal temperature is 130. Excellent.

Note on the anchovies: they add flavor, but NO fish taste – I promise. Really a good addition.

As for that ham glaze, try this (from Cook’s Illustrated)

Maple-Orange Glaze
3/4cup maple syrup
1/2cup orange marmalade
2tablespoons unsalted butter
1tablespoon Dijon mustard
1teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4teaspoon ground cinnamon
Combine in saucepan, low heat til reduced to thick syrup – one cup – about 5 – 10 minutes. Spread over ham when it ( the ham) is done.


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Bombs over Greenwich?

These tend to be false alarms, but a reader wrote two hours ago (hey, I was out) that there are bomb squad folks and cops all over the Exit 3 off-amp. I’m sure it’s over now, but does anyone know what that was about? Dave Ridberg hasn’t called to tell me, for some reason.

UPDATE: Nothing but a ‘suspicious package”, now cleared up.


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Teri Buhl finds a real job

100 W. Putnam


Drat – there goes my free content. But here she is with a Fortune article on Barry Sternlicht’s play for the last of the Antares empire, the old UST building on Rt. One. Sternlicht may be on the cusp of seizing control of the building away from Antares and perhaps even grabbing the whole thing for $60 million, less than half it last sold for.


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Class action aginst Moody’s, S&P dismissed

According to the judge, pension funds and other investors who relied on the “Triple A” ratings pasted on sub-prime mortgage bonds have no legal remedy. Having just finished Michel Lewis’s book, The Big Short, and his description of the complete ignorance of what they were rating and their indifference to what effect that would have, I disagree with the judge but then, he hasn’t released his full opinion yet, so I’m arguing with the result, not necessarily the law.


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