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Nice old Riverside antique up for sale (again)

167 Riverside Ave (clouds supplied)

This house failed to sell for $3.995 million back in 2005. It’s back today, asking $3.595. A beautiful home, and I’d rather live in it than the new homes asking that same price in Riverside, but I suspect most buyers today wouldn’t agree. Still, just takes one, so I wish the sellers well and good luck.

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84 Lower Cross Road sells

Listed at $4.3 million in May, 2008, sold last week for $3.350, which seems about right. For the assessment ratio fans out there, this one’s is $2.6 million.


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The gang that couldn’t shoot straight

The NYT’s C.J. Chivers discusses the Taliban’s poor shooting and gives explanations for it: poor training, bad equipment and outdated ammunition and poor eyesight are some of the factors. Mr. Chivers, a former Marine Captain, also makes it clear that the Taliban is still deadly – often by planting IEDs and killing soldiers who seek cover from that same poor shooting.

Reading an article like this only increases my frustration with the Times – it has some great reporters, all being dragged down by little Pinch and his personal favorites like Krugman and Dowd. Ugh.

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