Fung Shui

Shifting an un-compliant doorway

A friend writes to inform me that his North Stamford house sale just fell apart when the couple, Chinese, loved the house but were told by her brother that the place wasn’t Fung Shui compliant. I’ve heard several stories like this and no doubt we’ll see more as Fairfield County continues to attract buyers from different parts of the world.

I suggested he see if he could lure the buyers back with an offer to make the place compliant and then I Googled “Fung Shui consultants” to see if any such thing existed. By golly, the world and the Internet’s filled with them! Here’s one who caught my eye. The “Fung Shui to the celebrities” types didn’t seem so good.

And ML, you might give Fudrucker a call – he’s up to his eyeballs with Chinese these days, and can probably get you a name quite easily.


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4 responses to “Fung Shui

  1. Old Coot

    Try explaining to a devotee like my wife (who is Korean) that it really isn’t important which direction your head faces whilst asleep. It would be easier to convince Obama that free markets are a good thing.

  2. FlyAngler

    Feng shui 101 (layperson’s understanding) – the flow of energy (chi) of a house is of utmost importance. Critical elements include a home’s position on its property, its surroundings and the placement of rooms, passages and doors within the house.

    For example, if you walk into a home’s front door and can immediately look out a back door, there is a serious defect in the design. It seems all the beneficial energy that can come in the front door gets sucked out the back which is highly undersireable and difficult to “correct”.

    Also, the orientation of the main entrance on a compass it critically important. In my simplistic understanding, north/south is more desireable then east/west.

    Six spirits or animals, bagua and compass (lo-pan) are all part of feng shui. While this may all sound mystical and easily dismissed by we in the West, if you read about feng shui basics, they make quite a bit of real-world sense.

    Just my two cents.

  3. peeps

    I can remember hanging around in the old Rory’s about 20 years ago, and there was a realtor named Charlie, who was into Feng Shui way back when…before most of us had ever heard of it. She swore that furniture placement for the flow of energy was of the utmost importance in the house and was available for consultations. I wish I could remember her last name because she was so dedicated to Feng Shui design considerations in decorating and tried to work with what people already had and owned.

  4. duff

    Chris, have you friend give Darek Shapiro a call at Environmental Architecture in Stamford. He is a Feng Shui expert and consultant.