But we didn’t need your stinkin’ sewers!

The Romeo "Garibaldi Model" privy

NoPo champion Sam Romeo continues to lead fight against paying for sewer installation. “Who asked us if we wanted sewers?” he demanded of FWIW’s Scusie.

“The old cedar bucket works just fine on my rowboat on the Mianus and as you can see,” he said, waving in the direction of his backyard, “we already have all the sanitation system we need here on land. Now excuse me, it’s time to slop the pigs.”

Reached for comment, First Selectman John Tesei acknowledged what he termed “the looser requirements” of NoPo residents but added, “we really have to bring the entire town up to at least Cos Cob standards. It’s expensive and upsetting to folks like Sam, I know, but hey, welcome to the 19th Century.”


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5 responses to “But we didn’t need your stinkin’ sewers!

  1. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Où se trouve la tour de téléphonie cellulaire?

  2. They’re everywhere Pierre. You can’t escape them.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Jury finds Jacobson guilty on all counts


  4. Red

    pulled up — that was the best news I heard today. May she rot in jail.

  5. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    Did you see this?
    Told you so. And Hiram/Pierre really, really, really needs to take a writing class. He is almost as bad as you, but it’s your blog, so we cut you some squatter’s rights.
    A few other things I have been pondering. You commented, ineptly, I might add, on what makes an interesting blog. And you totally blew it. Who cares about selling dirt? And money? Who cares? So people lost a few bucks on Bernie? Who cares? They will get over it. Plus Bernie at least enjoyed the money. They would have preferred to give it to the Chosen One to piss away? Cause that is where it is going. So Bernie did them a favor.
    Anyway, write on this stuff. It’s what people care about:
    What is the best candy ever made? I will save the debate. It’s Dot’s, Dude Man. End of discussion.
    What is more comfortable? Thongs or grandma panties?
    OOPS!! 2-1 Yankees!! Red Sox SUCK!!
    How do you properly dump at work? I already researched this, so I know the answer. You don’t really work, so this may be of no interest to you. But I post as a PSA.
    So start with that. I have plenty more.
    Your Pal,