Here are some interesting statistics

110 houses sold in 2009 with asking prices of $2.5 and above. Here are the figures for the Original asking prices from $2.5 to $10 million, plus three of my favorites from the $11 million category.

$2.5 – $2.99

9 sales, sales to ask ratio 90%


19 sales, ratio 79.5%


11 sales, ratio 70%


7 sales ratio 84%


6 sales, 78 %


5 sales, $81%


7 sales, 69%

$11 -$12

3 sales, 56%


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4 responses to “Here are some interesting statistics

  1. Stanwich

    Prices are more fluffed at the high end.

  2. Dan

    Now, this is the sales to original ask or GMLS “cook-the-books” last ask?

  3. Anonymous

    is the calculation sale price to original listing or to last listed price prior to sale?

    • Original – the Greenwich real estate board uses last, which is why they can continue to claim that listings are selling for, say, “96% of asking price” (and until I campaigned in print some years ago, they also reset the clock on Days on Market to hide the years some houses sat there.
      Think about it: just like a lost object is always found in the last place you look, so too do houses sell. If you din’t find it there, you’d look somewhere else; if you didn’t sell there, you’d go to another price.