They’re coming out of the woodwork

2 Tomac Court

2 Tomac Court, that house next to the Colonial era graveyard, wouldn’t sell for $2.495 in 2008 and still refused to budge as its price dropped all the way to $1.895. Its builder withdrew it from the market in December and has now brought it back on for … drumroll please: $2.495!

Assessment is just $1.485 million, but we all know that’s irrelevant.



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6 responses to “They’re coming out of the woodwork

  1. xyzzy

    I believe the listing says they renovated the house in 2010 and added a bedroom.

  2. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    Even at $500/ft. that must be a pretty big bedroom.

  3. Hu Nhu?

    “renovation” is indeed flexible, but my favorite is “updated.”

  4. out looking in

    that graveyard is a wonderful selling point…perhaps a robot skeleton sidekick lives there and can be thrown in to seal the deal

    • To me a graveyard, especially of that era, makes a wonderful neighbor. No loud parties and of great historical interest – these are the graves of some of the very early Greenwich founders – Revolutionary War, rather than 1640, but quiet, nicely maintained and no one’s dying to get in any more.

      But graveyards are a problem for about, in my experience, 50% of all buyers – half are uncomfortable with the idea for themselves, another half worry about the first half! But that still leaves 50% who, like me, either couldn’t care less or welcome the idea of no one building next to them.

      I like this house, and I thought at, say, maybe $1.750, it was a good buy. I don’t like its new price, but time should mellow that.