Greenwich Avenue post office cancelled

(Photo, Greenwich Time)

The USPS has decided to abandon its 1917 building on Greenwich Avenue. No complaint here – the feds abandoned this building years ago when they moved operations to Valley Road, and there’s been no excuse for its existence since. According to Greenwich Time, the place is down to just four employees rattling around the 17,000 square foot mausoleum. And, though GT won’t say so, the attitude of those four survivors: rude, surly and unhelpful, won’t be missed.

But what will replace it? That will be interesting. I’m sorry that Apple went for the old movie theatre down the block, because this could have been a really cool site for them.


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13 responses to “Greenwich Avenue post office cancelled

  1. greenmtnpunter

    Still sad when a public building such as this P.O. is re-cycled. The Greenwich P.O. from an era when public buildings still reflected our self-image as a great nation. If it’s reflected glory can be used in the pursuit of commerce, that is not a bad outcome so long as the enterprise takes advantage of it’s imposing architecture and design.

    • I’m pretty sure that our local planning board will ensure that the exterior, and the entire plaza this building sits on, remains untouched. And any retailer who gets it will be smart not to fight that – it’s the prettiest spot on the Avenue.

  2. Backcountry

    With the plaza out front it would be an amazing restaurant with an outdoor dining space. Too bad we won’t be having a similarly amazing arts center with public green across the street. These two projects could transform this section of the avenue in a dramatic and positive way.

  3. How about converting this fine building into a Cabela’s outlet? Sure would attract a different and, in my opinion, vastly preferable target audience than the out-of-town lizards who descend upon the Avenue each weekend.

  4. Front Row Phil

    I’m smelling food court!!! Like one of those classy ones you see on major highways. With maybe a Mickey D’s … Dunkin … Baskin Robbins … Subway … another Starbucks … Dominos … etc. What’s not to luv?

  5. dogwalker

    Considering what Apple did to the movie theater (ghastly, imho), I sure hope they won’t take a stab at the post office.

    I agree the post office could become a neat place though.

    • I disagree DogWalker, but that’s what’s great about opinions – we all have ’em! I love that Apple uncovered the arches hidden behind the theatre’s marque all these decades, and I think the store is a huge improvement. And besides, my nephew, a rising film guy in Hollywood, went to one of the last film showings at the Cinema and proclaimed it the worst theatre he’d ever been in, bar none. David knows his stuff and I considered this a definitive professional opinion.
      But a restaurant on the Post office site, with tables in that courtyard, would be great – in my opinion!

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    What do you think they want for it? I am thinking Beamers!!! It’s a can’t miss. And maybe a Korean massage parlor? That would work as well. Get working on it, you load.
    Your Pal,

    • We’ve already got a ton of Korean massage parlors, Walt (and I’ll bet you hold frequent flyer miles at all of them), all under the protection of the Greenwich Police Department. While I’m sure they’d love the convenience of being “massaged” just a block away from their digs, they would probably be uncomfortable with such high visibility. But I’ll check with Chief Ridberg – if he’s okay with the idea, then there is certainly a business opportunity here.

  7. Hu Nhu?

    Mixed use is the only way to go. One half parking lot, the other half homeless shelter. The garish War Memorial should be replaced by monuments to Our Dear Leader Obama and to our Maximum Local Leader Dick Blumenthal.

  8. yup

    Ooooh, a restaurant with outdoor seating would be tremendous, so long as it is not *another* upper-middle range italian. Maybe a move for Rebecca’s?

    Where are all these supposed sketchy Korean massage parlors in Greenwich!?? Not the sad looking new joint at the top of the Ave, I hope!

  9. SlappedAss

    I think the best use of this property would be a methadone clinic. Maybe an outpatient rehab or detox center. We have enough retail on the ave, lets mix it up a little bit.

  10. P

    What a stunning piece of architecture.