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Yeah, here’s what we need

Greenwich Harbor Master attends his appointed rounds

Last year Peter Tesei  appointed one Jonathan Asch our official Harbor Master and that gentleman returned the favor by zooming around our 5 – mph coves at 30 miles per hour, lights flashing, quadrupling mooring fees and, in general, being a complete pain in the ass.

Not satisfied with that success, someone on Tesei’s Waterways Committee now wants to appoint deputy harbor inspectors to further harass boaters. We need to get rid of Asch, not create little replicas, so this is a lousy idea. I’ll be rebuilding my potato cannon in the next few weeks and the first town employee to come down my creek, Asch or an officious deputy, is going to experience the fruits of Maine upside his head.


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Traitor or clueless?

Via Instapundit, this:

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: “During the 2008 campaign, the Obama group argued that Bush & Co. were insensitive to allies and had acted in clumsy, unilateral fashion, permanently damaging our stature in the world. Given the first 15 months of foreign policy in the new administration, we can see now that Obama’s critique largely meant that we had damaged relations with supposed belligerents like Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela — inasmuch as right now, British, Colombian, Czech, German, Honduran, Indian, Israeli, Japanese, Polish, and South Korean leaders might privately prefer the good ‘bad’ old days of the supposed cowboy Bush. All of which raises the question: Why Obama’s shift in foreign policy? I offer four alternatives, uncertain of the answer myself.”

Plus this: “If only Obama treated Iran or Syria as he does Bush, Sarah Palin, and the top 10 percent of American taxpayers.”

I don’t consider myself part of the black helicopter crowd but, assuming Obama is the intelligent man he appears to be, his policies seem geared toward the deliberate destruction of the United States rather than merely the result of a feckless amateur.

Or not – stupidity is a power greater than everything else, and the man did attend Harvard, after all.


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They’re trying, over there at Greenwich Time

Coldwell Banker's going bankrupt!

Fresh from firing Teri Buhl, the one independent, talented writer they had, and losing Bernie Yudain to cancer, Greenwich Time has figured out how to link to its sister publication, the weekly Greenwich Citizen and now offers realtor Ken Edward’s column which until now was unavailable online. Ken’s writing this week on artificial grass, so for the excitement of watching that grow, click away.


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Unpaid internships

Unemployment among young people is 26% so the White House goes after unpaid internships. But for corporations – not, er, non-profit organizations like the White House. The first is exploitation, the latter is a valuable learning experience, I suppose.


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And I thought being a lawyer was low

White House Press Corps left behind while Obama attends daughter’s soccer game. They were able to catch up with him later and observe him playing golf.


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