And I thought being a lawyer was low

White House Press Corps left behind while Obama attends daughter’s soccer game. They were able to catch up with him later and observe him playing golf.


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8 responses to “And I thought being a lawyer was low

  1. RR

    I’ve never seen a President manipulate the press corps like the present one.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe he was going to the game of the fat kid, the one whose weight is a concern for First Lady Sasquatch?

    Maybe she sucks at soccer, and he didn’t want her embarrassed by the press, though he seems in very little danger of photos and headlines proclaiming: “Obama kid slow and fat sucks at soccer.”

  3. Walt

    Dude Man –
    You finally thought correctly!! Congrats.
    Your Pal,

  4. Wandering Through

    Well, take this for what’s it worth (heh), but I’m sure there will be questions thrown at that weasel Gibbs tomorrow about it all.

    It seems there may have been no soccer game scheduled, so what was The One really up to?

  5. Anonymous

    this guy plays more golf than any president before him and not a peep out of the press corps – however, they’re happy to televise him playing hoops…I just don’t get it anymore. I guess since golf is an elitist game, then it would not be a good image. Imagine if W played as many rounds…we would have had the media in an uproar.

  6. Anonymous

    he was out scoring some party goods from his main man bill ayers.

    he was not attending church.

  7. Peg

    Anonymous, I wish he could play more and more golf … like – all the time.

    Retire and enjoy your pastimes, Mr. President!