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Aren’t we taking this a bit far?

Wu Knew?

The Right’s in a tizzy over Obama bowing to yet another dictator. I can’t speak for what the President of the United States ought to do, but when I meet an Asian who bows while we’re shaking hands, I bow back. Seems like just common courtesy. Obama is busy destroying our economy, our country and our national defense. I’ll worry about that, and not his extending a little politeness towards guests of the country.


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Everybody wants at the Greenwich Avenue Post Office building

Cos Cob pigeon fancier

News that the USPS is clearing off the Avenue has every commercial real estate broker in a lather – great site, and high visibility. Who will be replacing our sullen workers in grey? Well, the Pigeon Club has been making a strong push but speaking with P&Z Chairman Frank Farricker, who asked that he remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak for the Commission, FWIW has learned that the leading contender for the location is a combination McDonald’s/ Chase Bank, with drive-thru service for both classes of customers.

“It’s a win-win situation”, Farricker maintained, “and you wanna know what they’re contributing to the Democrat Party? Whoo boy!”

UPDATE: For those readers offended by use of a picture of (the last) pope, here’s an alternative illustration courtesy of Island Surveyor.


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I love it – Jim Himes just voted himself out of his federal healthcare

"I did what?!"

Turns out, our elected representatives did not read the 15,000 page ObamaCare bill (told you so) and are only now discovering that they have inadvertently placed themselves in the same insurance muck to which they consigned their constituents. What a shame. Isn’t Jimbo due in town this week for a public meeting at Cos Cob Library? I’ll go check and report back. It would be fun to chat the guy up.

UPDATE: My goodness, just as the NY Times didn’t bother investigating Obama until they’d whooped him into office, only now are they looking at ObamaCare. Got a pre-existing illness? Chronic, are you? Boy are you gonna pay!

UPDATE II: Jimbo will be at Cos Cob Library Sunday, April 25th, at 4:00 pm. Let’s all drop in!


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Here’s a home feature that seems to work

My creek neighbors built a masonry fireplace and small terrace last year (no, not the one that’s pictured, which I culled from the Internet) and have fired up the fireplace tonight for the first time this year. I observed them from my deck late into the fall getting a huge amount of use from this thing – guitar singalongs, family get-togethers, etc.

Looks like they’re more than getting their money’s worth from this addition and it sure must beat watching a big screen TV inside on a beautiful spring night.


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So, now we’ll see

A number of unsold spec houses were rented out or pulled from the market last year presumably because their builders hoped that the 2010 market would be stronger. I Notice that 61 N. Maple, for instance, is back, and now there’s 8-10 Dairy Road, Mark Mariani’s redo of the old Kissel execution spot.

8 Dairy Road

It’s still priced at $8.2 million which I think is high but which Mariani, obviously, thinks is appropriate. The man has made more money from real estate than I will if I work another hundred years, so you know how to place your bets on this one.

I was a little surprised to see that Mariani paid $3.450 for this land back in the day – I wonder if it would command such a price today. And back then, Andrew Kissel’s bound body was still bleeding in the basement, usually an eyesore that drags down a home’s price. Ah, but 2006 was a good year, for everyone except, no doubt, Mr. Kissel.


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What they really lust after is Dorgan’s cheap wig

Democrats eye retiring senators’ $20 million cash. No honor among thieves, I guess: the point of exploiting your position is to feather your nest, and now these Dems want to take it back? Outrageous.

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Michael Skakel appellate ruling due this morning.

So says the AP. I always thought that Skakel was done in by bad lawyering and he was convicted because the jury determined that one of the Skakel boys must have done it so they tagged the one in court. But I didn’t hear the evidence, so what do I know?

Should be an interesting decision, though our state Supreme Court is not exactly top-heavy with legal scholars these days.

UPDATE: Oops! He lost.


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The under $2 million range in Old Greenwich seems to be cooking.

14 Ben Court

This smallish re-do off Benjamin Street came on asking $2.295 million awhile ago, which I thought a tad aggressive. The builder dropped its price to $2.095 and someone has agreed to buy it.

Still seems steep, but new construction is getting rare and the pickings leaner.

8 Hobart Drive

The builder of this place priced it at $7.8 million in July, 2008, and has grudgingly taken a few price cuts since then so it now asks $5.6 million. Better, but it still sits on just an acre of land, and now it’s two years old. These situations rarely work out well.

Witness the spec house at 10 Stillman Lane, for instance, that seems to have changed ownership and is now offered at $4.650 million, down considerably from its 2007 price of $6.450. I drove by it this weekend and noticed that its cedar shingle siding has sat unprotected so long it has begun to blacken. I’m sure that can be corrected, but a three-year-old empty spec house just doesn’t look as good as a new one. As this one’s new price reflects.


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Selling can be a painful process

418 Riversville Rd

This a pretty nice house over on Riversville but I didn’t think it was worth its asking price of $3.495 back in 2006. The owners dumped their first broker eventually and brought in one of the big guns, who raised its price to an even $3.5 million yet failed to sell it. Today, four years later, the sellers are on their fourth broker and have cut the price to $2.370, below its assessment of $2.7.

I’ve never understood why sellers are willing to go through the agony of showing their house when it’s priced unrealistically – all that effort for naught.  But now, finally, this one might be ready to move.


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Will Steinbrenner stop at nothing?

Yanks to put Reds up for sale. The bastards!


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Yeah, but what about Guam?

Artic ice not nearing tipping point.

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Nice to know there’s an award for this sort of thing

Indiana woman who set her hair on fire elected Village Idiot.

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Marisa Noel (Brown) still partying it up on other’s money

As reported and photographed in the NY Social Diary. (Hat tip to reader Horsejock, who keeps up with this stuff so I don’t have to!)

UPDATE: New wealth:      And over on our right is old money. At least, while I am certain this is a charming young woman, I don’t think she gets into this sort of low-life crowd without absolute shiploads of Great-granddaddy’s loot.      


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