I love it – Jim Himes just voted himself out of his federal healthcare

"I did what?!"

Turns out, our elected representatives did not read the 15,000 page ObamaCare bill (told you so) and are only now discovering that they have inadvertently placed themselves in the same insurance muck to which they consigned their constituents. What a shame. Isn’t Jimbo due in town this week for a public meeting at Cos Cob Library? I’ll go check and report back. It would be fun to chat the guy up.

UPDATE: My goodness, just as the NY Times didn’t bother investigating Obama until they’d whooped him into office, only now are they looking at ObamaCare. Got a pre-existing illness? Chronic, are you? Boy are you gonna pay!

UPDATE II: Jimbo will be at Cos Cob Library Sunday, April 25th, at 4:00 pm. Let’s all drop in!


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3 responses to “I love it – Jim Himes just voted himself out of his federal healthcare

  1. Chipper

    He can’t complain about it now, can he? I think you ought to shake his hand and thank him for taking one for the team. Maybe next time he will actually read a bill before he signs it.

    It doesn’t matter much now, he’s sure to be voted out in the Fall. He can go back to Goldman Sachs and get on a real health plan again.

  2. J

    Will you declare yourself a candidate at the Cos Cob library? How fitting.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s why Greenwich Hardware is out of pitchforks.

    Let’s hope the next batch arrives before April 25th.