Marisa Noel (Brown) still partying it up on other’s money

As reported and photographed in the NY Social Diary. (Hat tip to reader Horsejock, who keeps up with this stuff so I don’t have to!)

UPDATE: New wealth:      And over on our right is old money. At least, while I am certain this is a charming young woman, I don’t think she gets into this sort of low-life crowd without absolute shiploads of Great-granddaddy’s loot.      


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9 responses to “Marisa Noel (Brown) still partying it up on other’s money

  1. Barf

    What a gruesome gr0up. Is that what passes for “high society” these day? How utterly depressing.

  2. cynic 1

    And , frankly, she is reported to be the best of the bunch ….

  3. Walt

    Dude Man-
    Is it me, or do these folks look different than normal people? They look like stick figures. And they are all dressed up, so they think they look like the nines. What is wrong with them? Marisa looks horsey though.
    Your Pal,

  4. Greenwich Gal

    That is not Marisa Brown.

  5. Noel Not Well

    Publicity hounds now just happy to have head in sand these days. That anorectic girl has a fake rubber Marisa mask on.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Boy, you are tough! Maybe this gal is a real sweetheart and just happened to have her picture snapped at a charitable event she believed in! Who knows when you might find MY picture at some event – I do attend a select few – and eviscerate me on this blog!