Two land sales of note

25 Flagler (off North Street). Nice land, with pond, views, etc., assessed at $4.785, asked $3.895, under contract, 100 days.

122 Old Church Road, 3 acres, plus decrepit mansion, assessed at $7.153 million, priced at $5.495, under contract, 45 days.


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11 responses to “Two land sales of note

  1. Old Church Rat

    Just curious, are the number of days mentioned above the listing times or the contract periods?

  2. RR

    probably a deal on Old Church Road..

    • Well I hate to be too crass, RR, but the land on Old Church was landlocked and restricted to just one house site due to the owners having sold off too much road frontage long ago. But the late Bernie Yudain’s place on Martin Dale backed up to this parcel and a land swap would give Bernie’s a deep back yard and this place access that would allow two or even three more lots.
      Has someone already cut a deal with Bernie’s estate? I don’t know, but yeah, there is potential here.

  3. Wally

    I heard a deal was made with the Martindale owner.

  4. Anonymous

    What % off the high is that for a per acre parcel. Apples to apples estimate…. Is the market firm or soft?

  5. Dan

    You really think that flagler sale is a land sale? I thought that looked like a nice (antique-y) house…

  6. Andrew

    I am curious to see how long the newly listed land on 59 Burning tree will take to sell.

  7. G'wich Transplant


    What’s 59 Burning Tree on for? Is it 2 acres?

  8. Andrew

    G’wich Transplant – it is asking 2.3 million for 2.2 acres with nice lake views (mls 75924)