Aha! A little real estate news of note

12 Horseshoe Road, a Cos Cob contemporary that sold for $1.775 million in 2005, is under contract – last asking price was $1.495.

6 Stillman Lane, purchased for $5.1 million in 2003, is also under contract – its last price was $5.495.

8 Dairy Road, the Mariano spec house that wouldn’t sell at $10.750 back in 2007 and which mysteriously reappeared as an active listing yesterday turns out to have sold March 30th for $8.2 million. really? The assessment is $4.509, which is probably low, but $8.2? Apparently so, demonstrating …something.


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7 responses to “Aha! A little real estate news of note

  1. Anonymous

    Why would it be posted if it were already sold?

    • They post it for bragging rights – agents like to have good sales records to impress potential listing sellers. One asshole I know reported a sale crediting my pal Fudrucker, rather than me, for instance, to deprive me of that credit. Since I don’t care about such nonsense, I ignored it. Some agents I know would have arrived at his doorstep with a chainsaw.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris, Why would it have come on as a new listing yesterday? Confused!

  3. foobar

    tooooooooooooooooold you so – real estate is recovering. FAST.

  4. Anonymous

    How lucky is Mariani ?? My god who paid 8.2 for that ? I am truly baffled.

  5. anonymous

    Isn’t this the house or at least the lot where Kissel was killed? Pretty tricky of the developer to change the number from 10 Dairy to 8 Dairy to not have it pop up when you type in the address. Doesn’t information like “a person was killed on this property” have to be disclosed under “poltergeist” laws in the State of Connecticut?