Bourke’s Law

Walt’s Round Hill Road neighbor has filed his appeal. The reader who sent this along asks what’s so bad about a year in jail but, reading what the legal eagles quoted in the article say, Bourke has an excellent chance of beating this rap. And no one should spend five seconds in jail if he doesn’t have to.


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6 responses to “Bourke’s Law

  1. Anonymous

    There was an article in Greenwich Time several months ago stating that the prosecutor in Bourke’s case was appealing the year-and-a-day sentence, contending that it was too lenient.

    I can’t find a reference to this in any other publication now, nor have I seen any mention of it in Greenwich Time since. So whatever happened to this appeal which Greenwich Time claimed was filed by Justice Department lawyers?

    Did I dream it? I wouldn’t rule that out, but I don’t think so.

  2. Old School Grump

    Just want to chime in that at least one reader remembers “Burke’s Law” on tv in the 60s. PS, how do you dredge up your wonderful photos?

  3. Sleepy Jury For Bourke

    The first trial held in summer people said was so boring and tedious, it put the jury to sleep. Anyway, a bunch of working stiffs on a jury especially in the summer would never let off a rich playboy. Talks of $98,000 dinners to impress Kozeny did not help the jury weigh in your favor. Getting arrested in Aspen doesn’t make your character shine either. Why did you assault an Aspen resident? Give us a break, you got a fair trial. You will be another Martha like your neighbor in Seal Harbor. Confess your sins and do your time. Jail ain’t that bad. You might learn something.

    • The rule of law should not permit people to be convicted for being unpopular (which is not to say that it doesn’t happen- black men and rich guys both get convicted when the law misfires). But if we want to hold on to our freedoms as Americans, we should, I believe, protest loudly when a miscarriage of justice occurs, regardless of race or wealth or popularity.