Why not indict the New York Times?

NSA worker charged with leaking classified materials to newspaper. These are the people who helped the Times shut down our financial monitoring of  terrorists and dummied up a false assurance that Iran had no potential for developing nukes, just as Bush was trying to apply pressure to that country. Treason charges are certainly in order, but I wonder why the Times isn’t included in the criminal investigation?

UPDATE: Seems it was a reporter with the Baltimore Sun. I’d still hang the NYT’s editorial board, just on general principle.


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2 responses to “Why not indict the New York Times?

  1. HG

    I’m not sure how the law applies to the press in this case, but the NSA employee should be given life in jail. We have troops in the field.

  2. For fun, let’s hang Rupert Murdoch and the people at the New York Post…they won’t be missed, that is the problem.