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But the Democrats will never admit it

Tea Party folks are mainstream.

The Tea Party movement is beyond the pale no more.

It is now safe for metropolitan Americans to say—without fear of pillory, or of being waved away as wing-nuts—that the Tea Partiers are not a bilious, lunatic, unschooled, racist rabble out to sabotage our first African-American president, but are, instead, passionate, educated, middle-aged, middle-class and relatively prosperous critics of the Obama administration.

Permission to cease fire, and to refrain from abuse, has been granted by The New York Times, which—over a year after the Tea Party movement began to make its distinctive imprint on American politics—has finally mustered the decency to put aside its reflexive distaste for the movement, and bestirred itself to enquire (by way of a poll) into the precise demography and ideology of Tea Partiers.

I have Demmerkrat friends – Hell, I share an office with one – who have convinced themselves that all this Tea Party nonsense is a racist reaction to our first black president. What they don’t get, but they will in November, is that our anger and outrage has nothing to do with the race of our President, and everything to do with Republican and Democrat disdain for wage earning, tax paying American citizens.


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So what’s all this about?

White House complains about blog post saying Supreme Court potential nominee is gay. No one cares about this stuff anymore. Justice Sotomayor has a female partner and no one, so far as I know, cared two bits about it – there are those of us who don’t like her politics, but that’s another matter and irrelevant now – she’s on the bench for life. So why the defensiveness about Elena Kagan? I’m pretty sure America has moved past this nonsense, so I’m curious why the White House is trying to make it an issue. (The blog post in question was positive)

UPDATE: Here’s another conservative lawyer who thinks it’s a liberal problem.


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Crime in Greenwich

All teasing aside, Greenwich is one very safe town. I found this nifty website that breaks it down by neighborhood, and you’ll see, if you click on the various sites, that Byram has a crime rate just about identical to my own beloved Riverside. Basically, if you want a life pretty much free of criminals, come to Greenwich. And I credit our police force for that. They do an excellent job.

UPDATE: It occurs to me to add that our police keep the wolves away – Greenwich itself is a community of great, law-abiding citizens, for the most part (we’ll avert our eyes from our Wall Street workers) so between them and our police, we have a nice thing going. May it be ever thus.


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Where was all this when I was a student?

9th Grade math teacher taking her students to bed, now LSU firing a professor for being too tough. I want a do-over!


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Secession from Connecticut?

Hardly likely, since we’d need the approval of Hartford, and they’ll never let go of their golden goose, but here’s an interesting article on past attempts from around the country. No, I think the only way to tell Hartford to screw off is to move out – Texas?


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Cover your ass

John Paulson huge Democrat donor. Of course, so is the corporation, Goldman Sachs, but they’ll be getting off with a minor wrist slap; beloved individuals won’t see the dark side of the law, ever.


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Wanna live next to Hillary?

875 King street, Chappaqua, NY

Neither does a friend of mine, I guess, because he’s put his house up for sale. $885,000 plus, what, $100,000 in taxes? (just kidding,W) Still, good-looking house, nicely renovated and priced at around Havemeyer homes, with better schools. Not a bad deal and no, I’m not plugging for a commission here.


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