Crime in Greenwich

All teasing aside, Greenwich is one very safe town. I found this nifty website that breaks it down by neighborhood, and you’ll see, if you click on the various sites, that Byram has a crime rate just about identical to my own beloved Riverside. Basically, if you want a life pretty much free of criminals, come to Greenwich. And I credit our police force for that. They do an excellent job.

UPDATE: It occurs to me to add that our police keep the wolves away – Greenwich itself is a community of great, law-abiding citizens, for the most part (we’ll avert our eyes from our Wall Street workers) so between them and our police, we have a nice thing going. May it be ever thus.


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13 responses to “Crime in Greenwich

  1. Cos Cobber

    You know what the problem is in Riverside: McDonalds and that shopping plaza of yours. We dont have that junk in quaint Cos Cob.

  2. Cos Cobber

    off topic. Scotty Frantz makes some news advocating “random” tolls. I’m slowly coming around that we can have tolls but only if we add tolls to the interior of the state as well. gwich, danbury, enfield and stonington shouldn’t bear the burden if the idea this is going to supplement declining gasoline tax revenues.

  3. Anonymous

    Also interesting, CF, is that according to this map Old Greenwich, your self-proclaimed “shield” between Stamford and Riverside is actually safer than Riverside itself. Maybe the Stamford thugs consider OG to be a sort of DMZ, a staging area in which to organize attacks against Riverside.

  4. Dan

    Amen CF. Always gotta be.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Tolls = stupid. Gasoline tax reflects mileage and efficiency. Nothing new to build. If it ain’t enough, jack it up.

  6. Just the Facts!

    Good job Chris! For all the jabbing, our Police do a great job deterring crime. And even if the Public Safety Complex construction was a bit over zealous, it does send a stern message that we take crime seriously in our town. If you want to break the law do it somewhere else…in Greenwich you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Not to mention, low crime rates makes your job as broker much easier to sell houses.

  7. Wally

    OG and Banksville/Stanwich (backcountry on the east-central side of town) the two safest areas. Interesting – I would have guessed backcountry, based on the lack of density and commercial activity, but OG right on the Stamford border is very surprising.

  8. Anonymous

    one great way to have a low crime rate is to under-report crime. last summer, our car was hit twice while parked at the second concession stand [just bad luck; i’m not saying it happens every day] and the police said there was no point in making a report unless i had a photograph of the cars parked near me when i left for my walk. why? because there was no chance that they could solve the crime. a new test for crime: if we can’t solve it, it didn’t happen.

    • Oh my, Anon, that goes back at least 40 years, in my experience. Our cops have always discouraged reporting crimes they can’t solve, but generally, those are petty burglaries and murder. They’re hell on wheels on teen-aged drinking, however.

  9. Anonymous

    Cops under-report crime and exaggerate risks when negotiating pay/pensions: same stats manipulation that fire, teachers, doctors, nurses and every other union/lobby does

    Most taxpayers are inept in interpreting any stats, even if they allegedly passed Stats 101 in college…and lack common sense even if not a victim of multiple college degrees

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Ok CF – You seemed to have changed your tune regarding the Greenwich police – weren’t you real critical of the them last week? What happened?