Secession from Connecticut?

Hardly likely, since we’d need the approval of Hartford, and they’ll never let go of their golden goose, but here’s an interesting article on past attempts from around the country. No, I think the only way to tell Hartford to screw off is to move out – Texas?


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14 responses to “Secession from Connecticut?

  1. Island Surveyor

    Ohio’s Western Reserve actually did secede from Connecticut.

  2. Island Surveyor

    wiki: western reserve

  3. Cos Cobber

    what a great article, thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous

    Not totally analogous, of course, but one of our southern neighbors, Rye Brook, did succeed in seceding from Port Chester, thus freeing itself from a situation similar to the one we find ourselves in.

  5. Island Surveyor

    That was to get out of zip code 10573 – but that didn’t work.

    And Byram is 06830, so there.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m not as conversant about this as I’m sure you are, IS, but didn’t they at least end up with their own high school (Blind Brook) and their own police department?

    Again, I don’t know a lot about this as I wasn’t living here for most of their struggle, but I thought that these were a couple of their big goals, that and removing the stigma of the name “Port Chester” from their town’s name, if not their zip code.


  7. Island Surveyor

    Stigma. What Stigma?

    You mean the kind Mr. Stanton feels, if and when he drives to the train station?

    If this was about police, I’m not sure they won. It feels like a victory until replacement vehicle costs and pensions/disabilities kick in.

    And schools in New York are a quite a different matter, due to lack of Village Authority.

    Also very different from Connecticut is the influence of town and county government, to say nothing of school district and post office politics. And did I mention the utility companies?

  8. Just the Facts!

    Oh, how I like this idea of seceding from Hartford. It’s my favorite gov’t solution next to a new Constitutional Congress to realign the Federal and State governments.

  9. Anonymous

    Secession from the Hartford cabal of looters, moochers and losers sounds great!

    Where do we sign up?

  10. Anonymous

    More efficient to just legally change own tax residency…

  11. Island Surveyor

    IS just returned from the State Library, where he was shocked to learn that the Legislators, in their usual state of confusion, had neglected to include Byram Shore in the definition and delineation of Greenwich.

    More history at:

  12. Anonymous

    So, can Byram Shore secede?

  13. Island Surveyor

    Chief Sachem and I went to the State Library so that I could help him perfect his Indian Lands claims in Cos Cos.

    Now I’m thinking that instead of a Casino on Mead Point, perhaps an I-95 Exit Ramp #1 at James St. could provided 4-way ez-on/off access to the Giant BuyRum Liquor Mall, duty free of course.