Wanna live next to Hillary?

875 King street, Chappaqua, NY

Neither does a friend of mine, I guess, because he’s put his house up for sale. $885,000 plus, what, $100,000 in taxes? (just kidding,W) Still, good-looking house, nicely renovated and priced at around Havemeyer homes, with better schools. Not a bad deal and no, I’m not plugging for a commission here.


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18 responses to “Wanna live next to Hillary?

  1. Fly Girl

    Fact: Hil and Bill are house hunting in Bedford.

  2. Fly Girl

    Quick question: are realtors ever asked to sign a confidentiality agreement when showing houses to high profile people?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    It depends. How much will someone pay me? And do I get to go skanking with Bill?
    Your Pal,

  4. But Chris, it’s in Westchester for Gods sake. You know, dirt roads, chickens running around, hill billies carrying flintlocks and jugs of moonshine, etc.

    Does the house have indoor plumbing or electrical service?

  5. j

    It may be Havemeyer prices but you will pay 20k in taxes at least. The place looks like it needs a lot of work as well.

    Also, have you ever tried to get anywhere from Chappaqua? Sorry but the school thing is not convincing enough since these rankings of schools is nonsense.

    I would rather pay a little more and live in Greenwich and save the property tax burden. Also, what beach does their town offer? Golf course?

  6. Anonymous

    Too bad about the chandelier, but that they’ve included the shed adds a certain compensatory frisson to the listing: most other sellers would have taken it with them.

  7. diva4ever

    According to zillow, taxes on this house are $14K a year–seems reasonable!

  8. j

    The listing states 17k for taxes and since it is in Westchester by 2010 it will go to 20k. The county real estate market is dead.

    Also, dont forget the mortgage tax for the purchase that will be around 10k.

  9. For Chappaqua, $17k in taxes for a house like that is low. It’s probably one of those towns that reassess on sale, which means that the buyer could be looking at a really substantial increase.

    I was just kidding about the flintlocks. They’re too hard to get parts for, so most of us have upgraded to a bolt action rifle or shotgun.

  10. towny

    Heard Bill and Hill are looking on Sarles St. and Oregon Rd.

    The 7’s on Oregon is the best place in Westchester or Fairfield

  11. The real estate market in Westchester is not dead. It’s actually just like Greenwich. Good quality properties, priced correctly go to contract is a few weeks or less. We also have a huge inventory of houses that are priced like it’s still 2007 that aren’t moving at all.

  12. Fly Girl

    I heard Bedford Village. Even though my source blabbed that B&H are looking, I couldn’t pull out of her which houses. Ethics, darn.

    Sarles and Oregon are indeed pretty but horrors, that’s a Mount Kisco zip code. Not to mention those pesky HPN planes – they take off right over Nelson Peltz’s, then over Oregon and Sarles. It’s hard to get away from around here, taking off or landing, even if you have a jillion dollar manse. I don’t know why they want to bother with being New Yorkers. Send them to Greenwich, please.

  13. I couldn’t agree more Fly Girl. Someone please send them to Greenwich. Just make sure you budget for all of the police overtime.

  14. Buyer

    Hmmm. Greenwich home owners love to rant about the high Westchester tax rate, but forget that house prices reflect it. Has anyone see a similar house for sale in Greenwich for under a million? So the taxes are more per year (maybe 10-15 thousand more), but that same house in Greenwich on a nice street next door to the Secretary of State would be 2 million+ — a 1.15 void.

  15. J

    Exactly why homes in Greenwich will always be worth much more than the same house in Scarsdale or Chappaqua.

    Westchester taxes will skyrocket because of the multi layer government you have there and a State that is in disarray.

    You have a county government that is a colossal waste of money. You also have the benefit of paying more state income taxes as well.

    There is a reason why home prices in Greenwich will always command a premium.

  16. Buyer, I have pointed this out before.