Where was all this when I was a student?

9th Grade math teacher taking her students to bed, now LSU firing a professor for being too tough. I want a do-over!


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6 responses to “Where was all this when I was a student?

  1. Sigmund Freud

    This is the second time in as many days, CF, that you have posted your regrets at NOT having been seduced by a teacher as a young teen.

    Do I detect a pattern here…a recurring dream, perhaps?

    I’m all ears.

  2. not so anonymous

    If a teenage boy is introduced to sex by an experienced older teacher, his future wife will probably pale by comparison..marriage is hard enough.. it has a better chance of being a glued for life thing if both parties are not cluttered up in their heads and hearts with vivid memories of Someone Else. Generally speaking of course but the statisics do tend to back it up…

  3. towny

    Is there any need to mention that CF went to an all male catholic academy?

    “…oh Father Mc Gillicuddy, I love it when you kiss me on the neck like that……your beard stubble gives me tingles down to the bottom of my spine”…….

    • I don’t remember EJHS as all male, Townie, but at 14 and sex-crazed, what did I know? Still, Debbie Pyper in her cheer leading outfit (green, short skirt and tight white sweater) sure looked liked a girl!

  4. towny

    ouch…that was Roger Stenz in drag