High tech society, low tech world

One little volcano is shutting down air traffic around the globe. Imagine if a big one erupted?


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4 responses to “High tech society, low tech world

  1. Peg

    Someone on the radio last night made this most perceptive observation, too. Look what this one lowly volcano is doing to our atmosphere and nations around the world. What chutzpah there is to think that man himself can control the environment with legislation like “cap and trade”!

    What laws are they going to pass to stop this volcano from doing its thing? (I’m sure it must be OUR FAULT – somehow….)

  2. Island Surveyor

    update on conditions:


    You’re getting better news here than at the airports.

  3. pulled up in OG

    chutzpah – Six point eight billion people pumpin’ out crap every day on their little blue island.

  4. Old School Grump

    This situation is another reminder of how fragile our whole “advanced” way of life really is. Fragile
    and ironic.

    Think about it:

    A volcano in a teeny island country with no meaningful international commerce is paralyzing $ billions of all kinds of international commerce. And the people who will suffer the most are the growers of the perishable products meant to be air-freighted to Europe that are rotting in warehouses–people who probably couldn’t find Iceland on a map and who definitely haven’t ever been on an international flight.

    Or this: Remember, in Fall 08, how scary it was that the commercial paper markets seized up? Suddenly we were looking at the possibility of grocery stores with no products on the shelves, gas stations with no gas, payrolls that couldn’t be met. In other words, enormous social chaos … but not because of a political upheaval, or a war, or a distribution system blow-out, or a natural disaster; because of a mundane, noncontroversial financial market few people have ever even heard of.

    Or this: Have you ever tried to use your cell phone when there is a minor snow event in progress? You can’t get through! That’s because everybody is calling everybody to say really urgent stuff like “pick up toilet paper and vodka” or “don’t try to get off on Exit 3, it’s all backed up.” So, folks, what are we going to do for communications when there’s a REAL disaster?

    My point with this ramble is that, despite all our sophistication, we remain as vulnerable to being blindsided as we ever were. More so, actually, given all our global interconnectedness. Really, sometimes I feel like my 85-year old father-in-law, the retired orthodontist who still has that Howard Ruff doomsday book from the 70s about how to survive the coming inflation-induced disaster.