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So don’t make this mistake

Once again (it does so every year) the NAR’s put out statistics on what homebuyers make back on their improvements. Ignore the dollar amounts – the national average of a $12,000 kitchen improvement won’t cover wall switch plates here in Greenwich, but do consider that almost nothing you spend will actually increase the value of your home.

Make improvements while you still intend to live in your house and enjoy them. Don’t spend money on them once you’ve determined to move. Our inventory is littered with houses whose owners wasted $100’s of thousands giving away new kitchens to their buyers.


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At least he’s an animal lover – that should give her some comfort

Deadbeat Mississippi Vet claims to be Oprah’s dad

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Teri Buhl: Is Goldman Sachs morally bankrupt?

Well I’d say yes, but that’s not a crime, yet, or Washington would have shut down years ago.


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Oops! There went Jimbo Himes’ ObamaCare Savings

The $18 billion extension of jobless benefits passed by Congress this week also slipped in this kicker:

The legislation also provided temporary extension of the federal flood insurance program and averted a 21 percent cut in doctor fees paid by Medicare.

$950 million of the supposed trillion dollar savings touted by Himes and his friends were supposed to come from this 21% cut in Medicare payments to doctors. I suggested last week that the man was a liar and I’d say the action two days ago proves it. (I had similar posts last March 30, December 21 and July).


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Coming our way

British cancer patient sent to back of the queue for a private medical consultation. You will suffer until we tell you to stop.


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Too much caution?

Up, up and away!

Airlines getting pissed that they’re still shut down. I’m not sure how confident I’d be flying through the volcanic ash but KLM and Lufthansa have sent planes through it and report that the danger is wildly over-exaggerated.

UPDATE: Either the bureaucrats have gone nuts (likely) or air travelers will die – I think if I’d been stranded in an airport for the past five days, I’d take my chance with the airlines.

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Don’t mess with a mom’s Greenwich property!


Son sues mother for launching “terrorist attack” against his wife.

A man has filed a suit against his mother for allegedly attempting to break him and his wife up. Lia Joseph allegedly went too far in her quest to prove that her son’s wife, Diana David, was a gold digger that she got David fired from her job and lied to her sick father. One source told the Post her quest “seems to be some sort of twisted Freudian thing.”

Initially Joseph was upset that her son, Denis, didn’t force David to sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Believing David was after their property in Greenwich, CT and Flatbush, Brooklyn, she threatened to sue David’s family if they went through with the wedding. She allegedly e-mailed David, saying she was “self-centered and truly dangerous” and had no rights to “our family property.”

She also called her father, Frank David, who needed heart-bypass surgery, and attempted to get him on her side. Frank David said Joseph told him “that Diana was a gold digger and that she was influencing Denis in a nasty way, none of which is the situation.” Joseph also called Diana David’s office and asked for references to make it look like David was looking for another job. Joseph was not invited to the wedding last October.

Denis Joseph is the sole owner of the Greenwich and Flatbush properties, but Lia Joseph attempted to claim she was co-owner of the Greenwich property, and allegedly falsely called the renters of the Flatbush property and told them to stop paying rent. She said she wanted to do what she could to make sure her son had no money for his wife to take. Denis Joseph had enough and filed a suit against her, claiming, “Fresh from a 9.5-year divorce case from Denis Joseph’s father, Lia Joseph turned her full maniacal rage against her son, his fiancée and [Diana’s] family.”

Lia wasn’t invited to the wedding, and the day after her son got hitched, she filed a lawsuit in Connecticut, claiming she was a co-owner of the Greenwich property, but has postponed the case each time the court asked her to prove the claim, her son said in his lawsuit.

Momma Lia’s own suit against son is here.


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Cos Cob meeting with Jimbo Himes

Sunday, April 25th, at 4:00 PM. It’s on the Cos Cob Library’s calendar but not Jimbo’s own  web site. I’d love to show up and ask Mr. Himes a few questions but I don’t want to crash someone else’s party. CC? FF? What’s the etiquette here?


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