Oops! There went Jimbo Himes’ ObamaCare Savings

The $18 billion extension of jobless benefits passed by Congress this week also slipped in this kicker:

The legislation also provided temporary extension of the federal flood insurance program and averted a 21 percent cut in doctor fees paid by Medicare.

$950 million of the supposed trillion dollar savings touted by Himes and his friends were supposed to come from this 21% cut in Medicare payments to doctors. I suggested last week that the man was a liar and I’d say the action two days ago proves it. (I had similar posts last March 30, December 21 and July).


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2 responses to “Oops! There went Jimbo Himes’ ObamaCare Savings

  1. Anonymous

    10 years of the largest tax increase in the history of the U.S. to support 6 years of the new health entitlement, which screws everyone except for obammies special protected classes, illegals, unions, trial lawyers, muslims, and the usual moochers from CBC and CHC.

    Himes also wrote in a constituent letter that there were was no pork in ARRA, the stimulus bill. there were over 9,00o items of pork.

    Himes is such a brazen untrustworthy liar, there is no reason to believe a word the guy says.

    Asking him for answers, likely a wast of time.

    Confronting him on his dishonesty, that could be interesting.