$70,000 a year, NYC doormen prepare to strike for more

Why not? They’re union! I have a friend who, seeing this coming and the increased common charges that will result, sold his co-op last month and is moving out from the city. I wonder whether others will follow?

UPDATE: A reader reminds me that these gentlemen also pull in tens of thousands of dollars in tax-free tips.


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3 responses to “$70,000 a year, NYC doormen prepare to strike for more

  1. anon

    Don’t forget about the “tips” during the holidays. Depending on the location of the building, these guys take in quite a bit of cash. Tax-free, of course.

  2. Anonymous

    A piker union: gubbiment union workers make well over $100K per yr, have better benefits/pensions/disability (papercut injuries) and don’t pay taxes (unless nominated to a Cabinet job)…and some even get a gubbiment car and driver (trains are for losers) or free parking at “work” (or a free handicapped tag for car)

  3. JDinBkln

    This is exactly why I’ll never buy into a co-op. I’ll hold my own doors and retrieve my own packages, thank you very much.