Are we losing (have we lost) control of our border?

Arizona rancher shot dead near Mexican line – illegal aliens suspected.


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4 responses to “Are we losing (have we lost) control of our border?

  1. Anonymous

    “Are we losing (have we lost) control of our border?”

    Aren’t you being a bit disingenuous here?

    That happened long ago, and you know it.

  2. Greenwich Gal

    You are assuming we ever HAD control of the border.

  3. tagpeddler

    an article just yesterday reported that the small towns just south of the border between california and arizona are being gutted out. the cartel has sent word in town after town to be out in 24 hours so the mexicans are loading up there pickups and going north into the US. through the border crossings. hundreds of them. not crawling under or over fences in the dark of night, but through the gates. i have never, and don’t hope to ever understand our border crossing laws, but it makes me wonder why the poor wretches don’t just hop in their air conditioned pickup and drive across.

  4. not so anonymous

    don’t Soros and his ilk believe in open borders anyway? It’s all part of global “social justice”…why should WE have all the good stuff? Pay no mind to the fact that good ideas bear good fruit….