It can be tough to price a house

65 Dandy Drive

Here comes (back) a 1965 house on Dandy Drive, renovated in 2007 and on what looks like a beautiful one-acre lot. It started at $1.799  in 2008 and didn’t sell at $1.599 since October but it’s back at that same (lower) price today.

Now, on the one hand, I compare this house to 7 Dandy Drive, brand new, very nice construction with high ceilings and all that stuff that sold for

7 Dandy Drive

$1.850 in March, 2009. But 7 was on just a quarter of an acre and had a tiny back yard. In April of this year, 75 Dandy, an untouched 1965 house similar to 65 and also on a full acre sold for $1.215. Presumably, the buyers were aware of 7’s sale’s price and still opted to pay for that full acre.

You put those two sales together and 65 in its renovated condition doesn’t seem crazy at all but I’m still uncertain I’d attribute so much value to an extra-large yard.

But that’s what makes a horse race.


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2 responses to “It can be tough to price a house

  1. Helsa Poppin

    These two houses are at opposite ends of Dandy, which gets much nicer – quieter, lovelier, more bucolic and and a better place for kids to ride bikes – as you approach the cul-de-sac. #65 is situated a short walk down Clover from the Pinetum. I agree that the house at #7 looks like it is probably nicer, but I would prioritize land and location over house any day.

  2. Stanwich

    Unless the yard is really impressive or lends some grandeur to the home, it doesn’t pay to pay up for the yard. Especially in this neck of the woods where, well, woods are plentiful and you can have them for free (right at the Pinetum). In this case, go for the house.