Oh Puleeze

Father's in the pig pen, you'll know him by his hat

Former real estate developer Barry Montgomery who is, by my reckoning, 86-years-old, has sued Greenwich to prevent development of a park “because the cell towers located there are too dangerous for kids”.

Leaving aside the fact that Montgomery has long since passed the age where he need worry about having small children of his own, wouldn’t the saner approach be to keep his great-great grandchildren out of the park if he were actually worried about their safety?

Barry’s getting a free ride on this one, presumably, because his able brother and attorney  Dean (left, without a hat but with a tie that needs addressing) is doing the suing, but what, other than boredom, explains this suit? The man lives nowhere near the power plant site so personal use is surely not an issue. Is he just cheesed that Oprah is leaving daytime TV?

Or is the old man coming out of retirement? Does he have his own plan for the site? Whatever his motive, it sure as s**t isn’t concern for hypothetical children.


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  1. Wandering Through

    Rather than worry about the cell phone towers, perhaps those concerned parents and others should not buy their precious little 5 year olds cell phones that will stay glued to their ears right next to their cranium for the next 50+ years. (Oh, but having their own phone is a SAFETY and keeping up with the Jones issue)

    In lieu of that, maybe handing out tin foil hats will alleviate any dangerous waves transmitted from those evil towers. While they’re at it, wrapping said children in bubble wrap or full length body condoms should complete their protection from the big bad nasty world. Oh, don’t forget hourly baths in hand sanitizer as well.

    Personally, I’d much rather be able to carry on a conversation in town or with someone in town without going through the myriad of dead zones that exist around every twist and turn in the road.

  2. Don’t you know that Barry used to own the condo development next door–Waterford, I think it’s now called–and went belly-up? Might there be a whiff of sour grapes here?

  3. pulled up in OG

    Didn’t someone on here say he lived in the Waterford?

  4. pulled up in OG

    Blumenthal strikes again.

    Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff losses

  5. Gideon Fountain

    Considering how much attention the trial lawyers pay to (almost always bogus) asbestos health claims, can you imagine how excited they would be if there was a SINGLE SHRED of evidence that EMR (electro magnetic radiation) had any health consequences? And who better to observe any effects on than the lineman who work around EMR every day of their working lives? So, do lineman suffer from any unusual health problems or spikes in, say, leukemia rates? No, they do not.

  6. Chief Sachem

    Well, GF, you’ve seen through the ruse. This is not about the kids or the radiated power.

    Barry has come to his senses and realized that this site is nothing more than a heap of white man’s burned coal ash, deposited upon ancient and sacred Indian shell-fishing grounds.

    Barry has returned to Greenwich to make amends for the rape of the shoreline committed on this same site at the adjacent Waterford. Therefore, the true agenda here is to support the Chief’s Indian Land Claims for environmental and spiritual restitution and restoration. Thus Barry states in the article linked from Greenwich Time, that if the court finds him and the kids not to be aggrieved by this site plan (and how could they not be, if the site was unfit for affordable housing), he will find and produce a more aggrieved party, and that would be the Chief’s tribe.

    The real plan is to seek Federal Tribal Status and accept as a settlement the creation of a Sovereign Algonquin Nation for the Quiripi-Unquachog division. Since those fake Pequots stole our casino rights in Hartford, we have partnered with Donald Trump in the creation of a Sovereign Nation Indian Reservation to be contained in the right-of-way of I-95 between Exit 2 and the Byram River.

    A parking platform build be built in the overhead Federal air-rights, similar to the Larchmont Station over I-95. This will provide the traveling public a full duty free interstate shopping respite between New York and Connecticut, with Ez-Pass/Algonquin duty-free charging rights at the Chief’s Trump-BigBox BuyRum Liquor Mart, as well as the 24 units of affordable housing that the Town owes Hartford for this create Power Plant deal.

    FWIW readers will appreciate that they read it here first, which they did in fact several weeks ago.

  7. Chief Sachem

    If you think is kidding, visit my new website: