On the other hand, there are some optimists out there

71 Havemeyer Place


At some point I guess someone has to step up and vote for the future. This 1909 house, a one-family in a two-family zone, was priced at $1.725 in February and is reported as “pending” today. Apparently some builder is looking two years down the road and sees opportunity here. Assessment is $855,000.


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2 responses to “On the other hand, there are some optimists out there

  1. dogwalker

    Pending? You could knock me over with a feather! It hasn’t even been on that long. Oh, but pending doesn’t mean they necessarily got the $1.7, right? But, any thoughts on why a builder would not prefer the one on Milbank next to what was the Ford dealership (that has been on the market for quite some time, and I believe still is)?

  2. Anonymous

    I just heard that 1st house on Havemeyer (up on hill: right off Locust St/Havemeyer “roundabout”) is going on market next week, I believe offered at 1.2. Sounds crazy, but we’ll see