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Following up on last week’s post, there is nothing going on in Greenwich real estate

Sackcloth and ashes - Russ Pruner and Joe Barbieri discuss real estate activity

We’re busy down here in Old Greenwich, but busy with distressed properties and ain’t that a joy, when banks don’t even know what they own or who in particular might be overseeing a bad loan.

[What used to be] “Normal” sales – where there is still equity in the place – continue to be hindered by some simply inane agents – one day, when I leave this business, I’ll post some examples, but if sellers knew how badly they are being represented by uneducated, silly amateurs, they might re-think the idea of paying 5% commissions. God forbid.

For now, I’d recommend you ignore the hype of local agents about a “recovering market” and pay attention to what isn’t selling. If you’re over two you’re screwed, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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$70,000 a year, NYC doormen prepare to strike for more

Why not? They’re union! I have a friend who, seeing this coming and the increased common charges that will result, sold his co-op last month and is moving out from the city. I wonder whether others will follow?

UPDATE: A reader reminds me that these gentlemen also pull in tens of thousands of dollars in tax-free tips.


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Is that near the tuchus?

Knife fight at C.W. Post.

A source said that Dominique Moody, a freshman linebacker originally from Texas, was stabbed in the ruckus,

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Does this mean we can expect a return to arraranged marriages?

White House quietly courts muslims in U.S.

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So what’s the matter with Cos Cob?

Citizens Bank opens a new branch in Greenwich but in a daring departure from established business practice, has taken space on Greenwich Avenue instead of Cos Cob. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the benefit of 103rd bank in town.


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Up up up, down down down

This Old Greenwich cottage sold for $1.485 million in 2003, $1.975 in ’06, $2.125 in ’07 and was put back up for sale again this year at $2.395. Today, it’s been reduced to $2.099.

Assessment is a million.


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The air traffic mess

It’s sure beginning to look like 20 EU bureaucrats have collapsed the world’s air travel based on nothing but a vague guesses and an abundance of caution – the epitome of bureaucratic behavior since time immemorial. Turns out, scientist have no way to determine how much ash is in the Jet Stream, let alone how much is dangerous.

So they just shut down the skies. They might want to get their act together on this because volcanos go off all the time, and you can’t really close the world each time one does.


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She did this as First Lady, too

Hillary gives small, inexperienced glass maker exclusive no-bid “minority” contract . Remember Travelgate, where she not only fired long-term staffers and replaced them with her friends but trashed the reputations of the displaced employees? Can’t change the spots on this leopard.

The company that lost out on this contract, by the way, was Steuben Glass, located in upstate New York, an area Hillary once represented as Senator. But that was then, this is now.

The contracted firm, Systems Design Inc., based in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood, had no experience making glassware, and its owner had only recently emerged from bankruptcy proceedings, the source said.

As The Post first reported last month, SDI shut out upstate’s Steuben Glass, which has made government glassware since the Truman administration.

“These two [Bennett and Jones] went down to the small-business office and insisted that we have an 8(a) company — have this company SDI do our contract,” the source said.

“They [SDI] don’t know how to make glass. The glassware is being made in Sweden.”

Records show Bennett gave $1,000 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, $2,000 to the Obama Victory Fund and $2,300 to the Democratic National Committee for the inauguration.

According to the source, Bennett and Jones and their superiors steered the contract to SDI even after agency officials and at least one competitor complained it was a taxpayer rip-off.


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