She did this as First Lady, too

Hillary gives small, inexperienced glass maker exclusive no-bid “minority” contract . Remember Travelgate, where she not only fired long-term staffers and replaced them with her friends but trashed the reputations of the displaced employees? Can’t change the spots on this leopard.

The company that lost out on this contract, by the way, was Steuben Glass, located in upstate New York, an area Hillary once represented as Senator. But that was then, this is now.

The contracted firm, Systems Design Inc., based in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood, had no experience making glassware, and its owner had only recently emerged from bankruptcy proceedings, the source said.

As The Post first reported last month, SDI shut out upstate’s Steuben Glass, which has made government glassware since the Truman administration.

“These two [Bennett and Jones] went down to the small-business office and insisted that we have an 8(a) company — have this company SDI do our contract,” the source said.

“They [SDI] don’t know how to make glass. The glassware is being made in Sweden.”

Records show Bennett gave $1,000 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, $2,000 to the Obama Victory Fund and $2,300 to the Democratic National Committee for the inauguration.

According to the source, Bennett and Jones and their superiors steered the contract to SDI even after agency officials and at least one competitor complained it was a taxpayer rip-off.


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4 responses to “She did this as First Lady, too

  1. Peg

    This was my favorite line: “They [SDI] don’t know how to make glass. The glassware is being made in Sweden.”

    They may not know how to make glassware. Still; they sure know how to donate to the right people in power!

  2. Retired IB'er

    Would seem that some of the best returns on investments are to be had in political donations IF you know how to work the system. Just look at Wall Street’s return on donations… billions in the way of subsidies for the millions donated to Washington.

    Our present form of “pay to play” government will doom the country: and the Supreme court’s decision that corporations are “human” assures the fact. Only question is when…

  3. towny

    $5.4 million for stemware? No wonder there is trouble in River City.

  4. Stemware stocks were severely depleted when Hillary was throwing any available breakable object at Bill.