Well gee whiz

Chicken Dick Blumenthal

Dick Blumenthal, once again demonstrating his political courage, has filed suit over the Madoff matter, some sixteen months after the SEC, the U.S. Justice Department, New York, Massachusetts and a dozen private lawyers had already done so.

That’s the man he is – a cautious, plodding, political coward. He could have gained his coveted senate seat decades ago had he an ounce of steel in his spine but he’s not that kind of guy. In fact, he’s a liar and a loser.

(h/t, Pulled up in OG)

UPDATE: Is he all wet? Blumenthal has always claimed that he was a varsity swimmer at Harvard (class of 1968, I’d think). A friend of mine who really was a varsity swimmer in college and who has observed Dick, many times, over the years, attempting laps at the Hartford YMCA, insists that this guy could never have made varsity on any team, even Harvard’s. I don’t know from swimming, but I’ve seen a couple of “collegiate sailors” going through their paces at the Riverside Yacht Club and it’s fairly easy to spot an imposter.

Any Harvard grads out there with access to varsity lists?


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11 responses to “Well gee whiz

  1. not so anonymous

    I am suspicious that the drum beat about Goldman Sachs is a set up to FEDs “taking over” Wall Street.. anyone else? the “reveal ” is sooooo well timed eh? and fits hand to glove with the other conspiratorial attitudes developing towards conservatives from the likes of Bill Clinton, MSNBC pundits, the NYT and others now calling Tea Partiers a seething mass of bloodthirsty future Tim Mcveighs…Palin is seditious, and any opposition at all to Gov. as now expressed is plotting eeeeevil… IN PRINT AND ON RADIO. Have they gone completely nuts?

  2. Red

    Can’t comment on that, but he certainly was no Don Schollander, the Yale star of that era.

  3. Anonymous

    harvard college 1967, no other info listed. no honors, no activities, no address, nada. but he does list himself as ‘hon. richard blumenthal’. why not?

  4. anon

    He’s not on this list of all time letterwinners in swimming and diving (from Harvard athletics website).


  5. Anonymous

    a milksop who can’t swim.

  6. I was in his class at Harvard (1967) and the only time most of us went near the swimming pool was the required freshman swimming test, when we had to swim (naked) from one end of the pool to the other. If you didn’t make it, you couldn’t matriculate. If you drowned, ditto ditto.

  7. InfoDiva

    A quick search of the Harvard Crimson’s archives produces this item. Blumenthal participated in an intramural swim competition and won by half a pool length:


    Some bios of Blumenthal say that he was captain of the Harvard varsity swim team. If this were fiction, there are enough Harvard grads of the era in these parts that he would have been long ago exposed.

  8. anonymous

    If you are investigating politicians, why don’t you look into Linda McMahon’s claim in ads that she co-founded the WWE? I believe her father in law started the business, and she married into it.

  9. Anonymous

    12:02 anon is the archtypical liberal. find some flaw in any demmercrot and they respond ‘well what about sherman adams in the 1950s??’ if blumenthal is a scumbag, that’s a news story unaffected by stories of other alleged scumbags.

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