More on Blumenthal – written before he married into wealth

From those heated days of 1967 and written from a Harvard Crimson perspective – how brave, how cutting! [All spelling errors from the original – but spelling rules were for the bourgeois, man!]

The intellectuals worry that most members of SDS have yet to shed the bourgeois outlook and prejudices of their middle-class upbringing. “In fact, most students hold a kind of dogged career-oriented conception of their lives which would do their parents proud,” observed Paul Potter, a past SDS president, and Hal Benenson, of the Harvard chapter, in a recent paper on the “critical radical perspective.” Despite the radical rhetoric and slogans, “there is very little comprehension of what the words that are slung around mean either as descriptions of the society or as prescriptions for action.” Most SDSers, they observed, still accept the notion that “getting a majority of people to vote for something creates a force for change”; that the United States will criminate poverty without radically changing, and that the country cannot lose the war in Vietnam if it employs its superior military power. “In a very real way,” they note, “rhetoric without content breeds the politics of despair and nihilism. The slogans we use acutely heighten our sense of distance and radical alienation … the failure of these slogans to specify any content also heightens our sense of desperateness and impotence.”


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2 responses to “More on Blumenthal – written before he married into wealth

  1. Way Up Valley

    Consider my senses of desperateness and impotence duly heightened.

    My senses of perplexity and existential what-the-fuck-ness are also on high alert.