School auditorium application pulled

That moron who lives on Old Church Road – I forget his name, but the guy who fought lighting of the football stadium for so long – wasn’t properly served with notice of tonight’s P&Z hearing and, in the face of his threat to sue the town (again), the application was yanked and will come back again. When a fellow refuses to pick up certified mail, the wiser approach is to spend a hundred bucks on a sheriff to hand-deliver documents to him, and I presume that’s what will be done in the future.

I kind of, sort of, defended this guy in the past on the vague grounds that every town needs a local lunatic for color, but really – the man is obsessed. Too bad.


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10 responses to “School auditorium application pulled

  1. Anon E. Moose

    The true sadness is that they are pandered to.

  2. Stanwich

    School auditorium is a huge project that doesn’t need to be completed. We need some big private donations to defray the cost. Here’s an idea, why not pillage the aborted performing arts center’s donors such as Malkin and have the auditorium built larger — two in one for half the price!

    Retards in this town are going to bankrupt us again if we’re not careful.

  3. bill

    hi if he does not like what we do around here why does he not leave the town would be a better place with out him.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    He is not entirely without some worthwhile ideas and points, should one actually care to listen to him. Also – Stanwich – private money has no business going into partnership with a public school.
    One of the big problems here in town is that the high school is simply too big in population. There should have been two high schools created a long time ago. That way you would not have to be a freak of nature to make the basketball team or have studied music since you were three to sing in the school musical. Maybe an entire graduating class could have fit inside the auditorium. Greenwich has many great assets but long range planning is not one of them.

    • GG, believe me, the one school – two school debate kept this town busy from 1954 until 1969, when the worst possible compromise was reached: one huge school built on a swamp. But by that time everyone was exhausted, and folks on either side just settled for what they could get.

  5. Resident


    Totally disagree. Private money should be accepted for municipal projects that benefit all. Look at New Canaan high school field for example. Think of it as a low cost way to defend the price of your house.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Two high schools, eh? Current GHS directory lists 410 staff. Care to make it ~600?

  7. Greenwich Gal

    I understand what you are saying Resident and mostly agree with you as long as the money is given freely and without private strings attached. What Stanwich was talking about was having the private group here in Greenwich who wanted to fund the Arts Center go in together with the Education facility with one huge space. I disagree with that as I think there would be an inevitable conflict of interest with the school musical and the touring production of “Cats”, say.