Sure, now they tell us, after Kindle

1992 survey: 20% of librarians were getting frisky between the stacks. I couldda been a contendah!

Will Manly, who said the New York-based Wilson Library Bulletin withheld the results of his survey in 1992, published results recently on his Web site indicating 51 percent of librarians in the early 90s were willing to pose nude for money and 61 percent of respondents admitting to renting an X-rated film, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

Manly said the survey questions were printed in the now-defunct journal, but bosses withheld the results and fired him for the saucy survey, which he said received 5,000 responses from librarians.


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12 responses to “Sure, now they tell us, after Kindle

  1. armonk

    Young women who are getting their 3rd tattoo and tongue pierced have no idea that the demure but sexy librarian is the real male fantasy.

  2. Libary Lover

    I married one and they ARE the BEST!

  3. Anonymous

    Even if you dated her, you would not have been on the same page.

  4. Wandering Through

    So you were shelved instead?

  5. Wandering Through

    HE left you Dewey eyed? Have something else to share with the group Chris?

  6. '73Refugee

    But was she stacked?

  7. Hnmm, the Norwalk Public Library refused to put porn filters on the computers in the Children’s room because that would be censorship, but a library journal thinks it’s OK to bury an embarrassing paper? Strange world.