UN Environmental Minister builds 22,000 sq.ft. mansion

Ms. Gisele Bundchen, mistress of Patriot’s QB Tom Brady, is building herself (and Tom) a 22,000 sq. ft. cottage in California. Well, there will be two of them living there, after all. And she does have to keep up with that other eco-warrier, her neighbor Barbra Streisand.

Here’s Tom Brady himself, telling the little people to turn off their lights and live in darkness while he and Gisele loll in their hot tub.

Getting ready for the Brady Bunch


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3 responses to “UN Environmental Minister builds 22,000 sq.ft. mansion

  1. Cos Cobber

    Classic. Hollywood eco-hypocrisy is never ending.

  2. w b h

    And it’s not limited to Hollywood.

    Weren’t there two ‘high guvmint officials’ in two separate large aircraft flying a couple of hundred miles from DC to NYC, snarling air traffic in probably the busiest corridor in the world, to celebrate Earth Day last week?

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Al Gore’s giant house and boat…

    La Streisand keeps her house at 77 degrees…

    Thomas Freidman lives in some redonkulous mansion in Virginia…