A couple of contracts, but not enough to keep us busy

Mostly I hear these days of busted contracts, which is good news for buyers who missed out the first time, but here are two that might work out.

9 Roberta Lane sat around for a year or so but is now reported as “pending” at $3.290 million.

And 63 Burning Tree, on in January, ’08 at $3.695, finally dropped to $2.695 (new broker) and is under contract.

And that’s about it.


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12 responses to “A couple of contracts, but not enough to keep us busy

  1. xyzzy

    Seemed like a lot of new listings came out today. One seemed interesting.

  2. shoeless

    What are the YTD stats, Chris? Are we blowing the doors off 2009?

  3. shoeless

    Ok, let’s say 25 for anything potentially slipping uner the wire. For argument’s sake, let’s say that 25 per quarter gives us 100 sales this year (big ask, I know).

    That gives us over six years of inventory (not counting any new houses coming on the market). WTF??

    • I’ll have those numbers for you tomorrow, Shoeless, but I believe you’re closer to the mark than certain sellers I know who are rejecting good bids based on the hope of a rejuvenated market.

  4. out looking in

    roberta lane- definitely the most beautiful lot and street in all of Greenwich…will be very interested to see the px..looks like one of ur “friends of Casper” crowd bought it…

  5. Anyone notice the new turret lifted onto Shore Road this afternoon? yowzer!

  6. out looking in

    CF and JJ (shoeless Joe Jackson),

    with disfunctional labor markets, the housing market in Jumbo mortgage land will remain very soft for sometime, as we all probably agree. however, as CF points out, well maintained, well priced inventory continues to move. as i may have previously mentioned, every home my wife and i had on our short (and possible short) list has sold (list was compiled from May 09- Oct-09). Every one! they were priced 2.8-5 mm and needed to be in reasonable move-in condition (requiring less than 200k renovations).. oops, all except for the Canuck’s house Chris, and was it REALLY for sale???

  7. Accolay

    Roberta Lane makes any street in Cos Cob look like Field Point Circle.

  8. Anonymous

    When do sellers’ agents figure out that less commission is better than no commission and start the “come to Jesus” discussion with their clients?

  9. whatever

    I bid something at 90% of ask and was told they weren’t going to give the house away! not even a counter!!