Trees come down

No one hurt, but a tree crushed a car and narrowly missed an Old Greenwich mother and her child, according to Greenwich Time. I was outside myself on this beautiful afternoon, inspecting some land, and I’ll admit to being a bit nervous as the trees around me (especially a couple of dead ones) were being blown around. Quite a wind.


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  1. Anonymous

    I was heading south today around 2 PM on the Merritt, and somewhere between Lake Ave and RHR the traffic stopped. While sitting there I could see people in the roadway. Some drivers way ahead of me got out of their cars. I thought WTF? Then I observed the people up ahead running back to their cars, and the traffic started flowing again, shifting into the left lane.

    As I passed through, I could see what had happened: a huge clump of tree limbs entangled in vines had landed on the road blocking both lanes. The people at the front of the line of traffic got out of their cars and cleared the left lane with their bare hands.

    Good for you guys! I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally.