Tiger Woods fails to make cut at Quail Hollow. His sex life aside, I just enjoyed watching such a superb athlete and I’m sorry to see his self-destruction. I’d been looking forward to watching him for another twenty years but, maybe not.


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9 responses to “Bummer

  1. out looking in

    i wouldn’t write him off just yet- there is still a lot of Tiger in that tank.. Jack Nicklaus missed a few cuts himself

  2. Houses?

    Where are all the biting house reviews? Bummer. I turn to this site for your wit and humor about real estate.

  3. Peg

    Houses; Chris is merely talking about the poor Tiger getting his house in order. Personally, I do think it is possible – over time.

    Man does not live by real estate alone.

  4. Walt

    Wit and humor? Where? When? I must have blinked gosh
    Darn it.
    You Pal,

  5. Chinatown

    poor Tiger…does not look like any Tiger left in his tank. Looks like pussy only in his tank.

  6. Anonymous

    Big deal: 35yo and worth ~$500MM for playing a dumb game and getting dumb cos. to pay for his endorsements’ presumed effect on similarly dumb consumers to buy stuff they probably don’t need or can’t really afford

  7. out looking in

    clearly not an “athletic” readership Chris…perhaps more poop on Russian Oligarchs and their $300m yachts, MTV cribs replays, and some Samuel Johnson quotes for Walt!

  8. Peg

    Chris, you may not be able to publish THIS comment. (If so, I understand.)

    On his death bed, Earl Woods gave Tiger the following advice:

    “Focus on golf. F*&k everything else.”

  9. Walt

    Peg –
    There are many death bed quotes attributable to Earl. Here are a few I have heard:
    “Remember Tiger. It’s a foursome on the course, but a threesome off the course.”
    “Son, when you are not on the course, keep the putter in the pants. But if you must take it out, make sure you use a head cover.”
    “Your caddy may clean your balls, but make sure he respects you in the morning.”
    I have more if you want them!!
    Your Pal,