Gibson’s house moves from “pending” to “contract”

Other than that, all our activity today is under a million. I understand sellers’ reluctance to acknowledge the current market but really – if you don’t have to sell, pull your house and hope for better times a few years from now.


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7 responses to “Gibson’s house moves from “pending” to “contract”

  1. xyzzy

    Rumor has it that 1 Little Cove place is sold.

  2. Jane

    Is it true that Tommy Hilfiger bought the Hirschorn estate? And did he sell is house?

  3. Jane

    Really? We all think you know everything! Is it possible that I have scooped you? Do tell.

  4. Real Torme

    yes and yes

  5. Rumor has it the current owners of Little Cove Place played pretty dirty & screwed around with their multiple bidders