WSJ on Metropolitan area house price declines. Greenwich is in there.

(Thanks, Stanwich, for the heads up) . Here’s the article.

Home-sale activity has been picking up in communities across the New York metropolitan area. However, some economists believe that prices, which declined during the fourth quarter in most areas, will continue to move lower.


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2 responses to “WSJ on Metropolitan area house price declines. Greenwich is in there.

  1. FlyAngler

    Two observations:

    1) The text mentions the potential impact of the expiration of the federal tax credit for first time home buyers. However, given the markets highlighted in the graphic, the credit will have had, at best, only muted impact on activity in those high price point markets.

    2) The Greenwich line item lists zip code 06831 in which I live. But does that mean this Greenwich data from Case Shiller is limited to just that zip? Or, is it Town wide and they just used that zip for presentation purposes. If the former, that might explain the median sale price “feeling a bit high” given your postings.

    If only for 06831, what would the same treatment look like for :

    06830 (Byram)
    06807 Cos Cob
    06878 Riverside
    06870 Old Gr.

    Chris, why don’t you reach out to Ms. Ford and ask?

  2. Anonymous

    So much for all those homeless GS bonus kids propping up Greenwich prices…