Here’s a brave buyer

2010 American Architectural Institute gives awards and Old Greenwich has a winner.

I’m pretty sure this one is on Shorehame Club Drive. The only problem is, architects love these houses, but they don’t make up much of the buyer pool.


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4 responses to “Here’s a brave buyer

  1. Red

    A former broker told us that if we bought a contemporary house in Greenwich, we’d better love it enough to die in it because we’d never be able to sell it.

    Still, this is a gorgeous house. But the photos can’t show the adjoining properties — with all that glass, how close are the neighbors? I hope the lot is worthy of the house.

  2. cowboy up

    the lots a postage stamp and the house is hideous…nothing a big yellow machine couldn’t cure though

  3. contemporarygirl

    I love this house.
    I can’t understand why people here want to live in these fake revival style houses.
    If your going to build a house , design it as a statement of your time and not some fake colonial,tudor, georgian, victorian, (or whatever tacky mix up) building because folks you’re not fooling anyone – it’s still a fake build,a caricature” of past architecture.
    Contemporary builds for contemporary times!

  4. Ugh

    Well, it’s not my cup of tea but I did find more/better pictures of this place on a couple of websites so it makes a bit more sense.

    This site’s pics prove cowboy up’s point of the lot size, views off the neighbors in almost every shot and it’s horribly out of place in the neighborhood. Ugh.

    This place looks like it belongs in Malibu (where it would still be ugly), not in Connecticut.