The only trouble is, the average American doesn’t watch Charlie Rose or listen to NPR

Praise for Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein’s appearance on Public Televisions’ Charlie Rose show last night. Apparently, he came across as smart and as contrite, feigned or not, as he did on the interview I heard on NPR a couple of days ago. Which is great, but he needs to bring his act to 60 Minutes or some other mass media outlet if he wants to win over the great unwashed.


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10 responses to “The only trouble is, the average American doesn’t watch Charlie Rose or listen to NPR

  1. Anonymous

    What about Uncle Warren’s endorsement of GS?

    Doesn’t one want to consume more McDonald’s and Coke junk, just like Uncle Warren advises? Government is paying for obesity, heart disease and cancer anyway

    • I kinda lost (more) respect for Uncle Warren when he said the ratings agencies (that he also has a piece of) had a “great business model”. But do check out McDonalds – they’ve gone way out of the way in offering healthy food and their earnings reflect it.

  2. Cobra

    If limited to one entree, I’ll take the #6 combo… Angus Burger Deluxe with bacon and cheese, hold the onion.

  3. Mr. Independent

    The real solution is for Lloyd to lobby the state legislatures to franchise GS betting parlors to sell wagers on synthetic derivatives. The action could be televised right next to celebrity poker. Let average Joes participate, and Goldman would have lots more political cover.

  4. pulled up in OG

    One of those rare shows when Rose kept his mouth shut most of the time and let the guy talk.

  5. Anonymous

    Hold the onion? Why?

    That’s the least deleterious item on the menu.

  6. Anonymous

    There is no way 60 Minutes or any other mass media outlet would let Blankfein have a platform to defend GS.

    It would go against the Rules for Radicals agenda that the WH has the mass media marching to.

  7. HG

    Divide by Democrats / Republicans, and Charlie Rose is probably straight up the middle. But divide by coastal vs inland, or elite vs non-elite or winners from globalization vs losers from globalization, and Rose is probably the most biased show on TV. He seems personally close to a lot of the frequent guests, including Buffett, John Mack, etc. Not sure about Blankfein but obviously Blankfein is his type of guy. Many of us come from the same world, but to a red state conservative or rust belt union member, Rose has no street credibility.

  8. DebtVulture

    Same person, no?

  9. pulled up in OG

    SEC commissioner Harvey Goldschmid at ’04 hearing loosening capital requirements: “If anything goes wrong it’s going to be an awfully big mess.”