So what’s going on at Greenwich Time?

Winding down

L.T. arrested for statutory rape, they can cover. Domestic dispute on Buxton Lane? Yeah, they got that, with names. Michael Metter, president of WGCH and Greenwich resident arrested at dawn yesterday by the FBI and charged with all sorts of nefarious crimes related to his penny stock scam, SpongeTech? Nah – no interest. Doesn’t that strike you as curious?

I’m not going to suggest to a dying newspaper what they might want to report on, but in town populated with financial types, I’d think news of Metter’s arrest would be of more interest than a drug-addict ex-football player getting in trouble again, in New Jersey, no less, or a couple not getting along. But heck, if they could figure that out, they wouldn’t be following WGCH into the graveyard, would they?


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8 responses to “So what’s going on at Greenwich Time?

  1. Cos Cobber

    its more than a bit curious. its a conspiracy and its outrageous. teri says her metter has nothing to do with her dismissal, but i cant help but think it has played a part.

    my gosh, what could the GT say in their defense? that they are waiting to finishing vetting the months of investigation work the DOJ and SEC put in the case?

  2. pulled up in OG

    Pic on P1, story on B1.

  3. Riversider

    Very suspicious.

  4. David

    Open houses must have been really boring that you are back already with nothing to report on them !

    • You got that right, but there’s a sweet house on Lake Drive in Riverside that I’ll be writing about soon. Perfect home for a young couple, priced around $1.28 and I think, a real deal.

  5. Anonymous

    talk about kicking a dead horse…. if it weren’t for your web site, most of us would not know that the greenwich time continues to publish. not that anyone cares.

  6. Jane

    Good news! I just inquired and found out that you can subscribe to the kitty litter liner on Fridays only. I am in heaven. All I want is the RE section, so life is good.