A small step forward

Verizon asks permission to stop passing out white pages. Next up, I hope, are all those unwanted yellow page books. But unlike the white pages, they still make money, so far, so we’ll probably be plagued by them for another decade before a stake is finally driven through the chest of that business model.

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  1. ches

    Every time I am blessed with the arrival of one of those Yellow monsters, I make every effort to contact the distributor to “cancel” future deliveries. It’s usually a futile exercise – I’m sent from one automated telephone rep to another. Only once did I reach a human and achieve vindication – the deliveryman actually came to my home all the way from Bridgeport and picked up the “litter” from my driveway.

    These books have an uncanny habit of showing up during August, when of course half the town is gone. So there they sit, a highly visible indicator that No One is home.

    Why oh why do we have to tolerate Yellow books? This is not “freedom of information” – it’s Litter.