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Perfect game pitched in Oakland

First one for the team since Catfish Hunter’s in 1968. Cool.


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Wow, two links from InstaPundit in one day!

Thanks, Glenn – must be a slow day in Tennessee, but I’m honored nonetheless.

By the way, do you know that Nashville has been flooded? It’s a huge friggin’ disaster, but between the Gulf oil well and well, whatever else has been going on, our media has ignored it.

As has our president, who went golfing yesterday rather than tour the area. I guess Nashville has too many white people. eh?

What, I should worry about some wet rednecks?


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JP Morgan and criminal manipulation of the silver market?

So says the NY Post. Silver? I seem to remember that the Hunt brothers tried that in the late 70s and came to grief, (Update – nice to know there are few brain cells still working) but apparently the kids at JP Morgan figured they could do better.


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My exploited daughter

Kat Fountain (right) with another exploited victim

According to Obama, unpaid interns are an exploited class and he wants to outlaw that opportunity. I appreciate our president’s concern, but I have two recent college graduates to care for and, thank you very much, Mr. Obama, but I’d rather I protect them than you. My Katie, for instance, finishing up her stint in the Amazon, has been invited back for next fall as a full graduate student intern. All expenses paid, but no salary. Her mother and I think that’s a great opportunity and will gladly subsidize the job so that she can build her credentials – under ObamaCare, we won’t be allowed to do so because the Messiah wants to protect her by forbidding it.

I’m sure that’s fine for Obama’s daughters – no one would dare employ them as unpaid interns and they will not have to look for work. But what could possibly be more personal than a family’s decision on a child’s career? For this we need federal oversight? I think not.


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Oops! Legislature forgets to extend real estate conveyance tax. No worries.

They’ll be back. “What, let Fairfield County off the hook?” asks Governor Rell. “Fat fucking chance”. Nice to know we’re so appreciated.

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Give me a plumber, any day

Interesting series of posts at  Instapundit:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Meet The Unemployable Man.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Alex Lightman suggests that if you’re unemployed or underemployed, you take advantage of these free online business courses from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Meanwhile, also via Alex, here’s a list of MIT’s most popular free online courses. Alas, this won’t help those who aren’t well-enough educated to benefit from this level of course.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

I had to laugh when I read this article. I especially liked this one tidbit, “…there will be some jobs for workers without much education, for the plumbers, electricians and software technicians. But not enough to go around.”

I would hope to remind the pompous ass who wrote this that electricians and plumber’s require more real (i.e. math skills, reading comprehension, etc.) education, go through more thorough training and must pass far more difficult examinations for professional competence & certification than any journalist. Which, by the way, is an occupation, not a profession.

Presently this country is facing a skills crisis because many of those skilled tradesmen & women who were the centurions of industry when this country was really great, are aging and retired or on the brink of it. When that institutional memory is lost we will not get it back because we have an education establishment that no longer values technical skills and has abandoned an entire generation of young people. As Dr. Ken Ryan at Alexandria Technical College has said, “We have duped ourselves into believing we can build a sustainable economy without the durable manufacturing activities that characterize those nations threatening to eclipse us.” So very true. I have been thinking and saying that, though not so succinctly, for years.

Nor industry without fault in this evolving debacle. in their never ending pursuit of short term profit for stock holders skilled employees have been devalued and made a commodity.

So ask yourself, when you are trying to add that room, repair leaky pipes, find the short in the wiring or fix the flood damage in your home, who do you want doing it? That Columbia School of Journalism major or that electrician, plumber, carpenter without much ‘education’? Furthermore, I’ll bet those tradesmen/women would do better a writing a story for the WSJ than that ‘journalist’ would at actually making anything.

Fortunately, the internet is rapidly making Mr. Wessel’s remaining time as a member of the employed, shorter, I hope.


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Bush’s attorney general says terrorism is international, wants to amend Miranda warnings for suspects

I work for Dick Cheney and I'm proud of it!

Oh, the horror! If only we had elected Obama, we wouldn’t have this travesty of justice.


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Politico – no incumbent is safe

But I have experience!

That’s how I read it too.

Republican Sen. Robert Bennett was one of the most powerful and likable members of the Senate, he diligently protected Utah’s interests from his post in GOP leadership and he funneled millions of dollars back to his state as an appropriator.

But Utah Republicans didn’t care. In fact, that’s exactly why they tossed him out Saturday in a humbling second ballot vote at the state party convention.

The circumstances surrounding his downfall were unique to Utah with its state convention process, yet there was an unmistakable message to incumbents on both sides of the aisle: This is no ordinary year, and the ordinary, time-honored methods of winning votes may not be enough.

For Republicans who are measuring the drapes in anticipation of reclaiming power, Bennett’s loss should be sobering. If the anti-Washington and tea party winds keep blowing this strong, some of them could be measuring their own political graves.


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Eagle scout (and friends) improve our town

I stopped by these busy people just now who are working on the rotary at the terminus of Hendrie Avenue and Binney Park, and learned that Endy Anderson is working on his Eagle Scout rank by creating a new flower park here. Nice job, Endy, and thank you.


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