JP Morgan and criminal manipulation of the silver market?

So says the NY Post. Silver? I seem to remember that the Hunt brothers tried that in the late 70s and came to grief, (Update – nice to know there are few brain cells still working) but apparently the kids at JP Morgan figured they could do better.


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2 responses to “JP Morgan and criminal manipulation of the silver market?

  1. Anonymous

    Wonder if they’ll call commie Jamie in for a Congressional inquiry by Levin, cerebral Maxine and Bawhney Fwank

  2. out looking in

    please put away the crack pipe…now the PPT (plunge protection team) is shorting silver (on behalf of the Fed?) give me a break- that makes sense only to those who believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot the Easter Bunny!

    On behalf of a customer? of course- but not the is common for central banks to buy and sell massive quantities of physical metal with the aid of traders (such as JPM and GS)- but this is a tactical sale to raise cash- and the metal gets delivered. many large holders of metal will also lend out their inventory to commercial hedgers (i.e. Newmont Gold and such) so that they can forward sell their expected production. they are paid interest on this…